Berlin demonstrators dump life jackets outside German government building

Demonstrators from the German rescue charity Sea-Watch and the “Kollektiv Ohne Nahmen” art collective lay life jackets at the foot of Germany’s parliament to draw attention to the fate of thousands of migrants who have died at sea while trying to reach the European Union.

Levelling up: Government white paper likely to be delayed to 2022

The government’s white paper on “levelling up” all regions of the UK is likely to be delayed until next year, it has been confirmed. The document, focusing on industry, skills and transport, had been expected to be published before Christmas.

Troubles legal aid claims from government ‘utterly wrong’

The government has been accused of misinformation on legal aid figures as it considers legislating to end all civil cases related to the Troubles. A government paper on the proposals states a “significant proportion” of £500m of legal aid spending since 2011 has been on

2nd party approves deal for Scholz’s new German government

Germany’s pro-business Free Democrats on Sunday approved a deal to form a new government with two center-left parties, moving Chancellor-designate Olaf Scholz a step closer to taking office as the country’s new leader this week.