Indian farmers pause protest march to Delhi after government offers talks

SHAMBHU, India (Reuters) -Indian farmers demanding higher prices for their produce paused their protest on Wednesday after the government made a new offer to resume talks, hours after police fired tear gas and used water cannons to scatter thousands staging a march to Delhi.

About that government shutdown

Congress has time for one more funding patch, or continuing resolution, before billions in spending cuts kick in.

Government finances show big surplus in January

The government finances showed a large surplus last month, more than double the surplus last January. The surplus – the difference between spending and tax income – rose to £16.7bn in January, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said. These are the last set of

Trinidad government hires two firms to recover sunken oil barge

Trinidad and Tobago has hired two remediation and salvage firms to help clean up an ongoing oil spill off Tobago and salvage the leaking barge, the country’s Ministry of Energy said on Tuesday. It has been almost two weeks since the oil spill was first