286DisabledVeterans.org Asks USCG and DoD to Help Over 286 Disabled Veterans

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The U.S. Coast Guard is auctioning 286 homes to developers in Concord, California. These are really good homes, in a really good area that could be used to house over 286 Disabled Veterans.

This property was given to the U.S. Coast Guard by the U.S. Navy about 14 years ago. The U.S. Navy supported the U.S. Coast Guard’s housing needs by giving the property to them. Now the U.S. Coast Guard has the opportunity to return the favor to not just the U.S. Navy, but to all branches of the Military by supporting over 286 Disabled Veterans that have been injured in the Line of Duty and are still suffering from their Service.

“Everybody loves the U.S. Coast Guard and wants to support their efforts, and we are hoping that the Chain of Command at the USCG and Department of Defense will see this analysis, stop the auction and open a discussion on how to best use this property to help Disabled Veterans,” says Kevin O’Brien, founder of 286DisabledVeterans.org. 

There is such a huge, desperate need for this exact type of housing for our Disabled Veterans and a deal could be structured to give the USCG even more money than what a developer would pay through the Auction.

Those involved in helping Disabled Veterans are asked to please take 10 minutes to review the analysis, which includes a summary of the property, financials and several ideas on how to move forward with this project on the website at: www.286DisabledVeterans.org

This has been a Military Property since 1942 and should be used to help Veterans who have been injured in the Line of Duty – and not sold to a developer.

Many of the homes can be ready for occupancy in just a few months. This property can provide Supportive Services for thousands of Disabled Veterans over the years.

There are dozens of established Non-Profit Veteran Support Organizations that can jump-in and run with this project – they have the resources in construction, finance and Support Services already in place.


Kevin O’Brien


SOURCE 286 Disabled Veterans