44% of US Senators Seem to Prefer Having Three or More Children, According to New Research from Premium Joy

New research performed by Premium Joy toy company sheds light on the number of children US senators have. The data indicate many senators appear to favor having more kids in their family especially those in the Republican Party.

WALNUT, Calif., April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A big chunk of US senators seem to prefer having at least three children, according to a new research by the toy company Premium Joy.

The research data revealed that 44% of senators have three or more kids while only 22% have zero or one child. Overall, the majority of US senators (61%) have 2-3 children.

There is a clear contrast between the two parties concerning the number of kids for senators. The percentage of senators with zero or one child is 30% in the Democratic Party but only 14% in the Republican Party. On the other hand, Senators with four or more kids constitute only 8% in the Democratic Party and a whopping 26% in the Republican Party.

States whose senators have the highest number of kids on average are all republican states including Idaho, Indiana and Utah. The state with the lowest number of children on average is South Carolina and it’s actually the only state in the US where both senators don’t have any kids.

"The data show that a significant amount of senators have at least three children, which may indicate a preference for a larger family size," says Hassan Alnassir, founder and owner of Premium Joy. "Republican senators appear to favor a higher number of kids while democratic senators seem to favor fewer." Hassan continues, "It’s also quite interesting to know that both senators in South Carolina, which is a republican state, don’t have any children."

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