9-1-1 Industry Veteran, Dave Hopkins, Joins NGA 911

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Oct. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — NGA 911, LLC, a leading-edge Next Generation 9-1-1 solutions provider, today announced that Dave Hopkins joined the company as an Account Executive.

Mr. Hopkins is the former 9-1-1 Director of Steuben County, New York, where he served 16 years in the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), 13 years at Rochester Telephone, 19 years and counting as an active firefighter, and 25 years in EMS. In addition to his professional experience, Mr. Hopkins serves as a board member for the Southern Tier Network Inc. and serves as the NENA NY Chapter President. He is also an active member of APCO, the Steuben County Fire Chiefs and Police Chiefs Association, the Cohocton Fire Department, and Past Vice President of the NYS 911 Coordinator’s Association.

When asked about his new role with NGA 911, Mr. Hopkins says, “I think NGA 911 has the secret sauce. I believe this is the right fiscal model, and the deployment, training, and dashboards work. This is the worldwide answer for Next Generation 9-1-1.”

Mr. Hopkins is passionate about equal access to technology. He wants to see a world where everyone can access basic quality of life services such as reliable cell service, internet, and 9-1-1 service.  At NGA 911, he sees his role as an opportunity to supply the missing piece in 9-1-1 service – reliability, transparency, and ease of use.

“We are pleased that Mr. Hopkins has found a home with our team of industry veterans.  Our team members take pride in the NGA 911 commitment to the very best technology to supplant legacy Selective Routing,” says Don Ferguson, CEO of NGA 911. “Mr. Hopkins’ commitment to excellence is a great fit for our mission and an excellent resource for communities ready to imagine better 9-1-1.”

Mr. Hopkins will be based in New York and serve communities across the Northeast. 

About NGA 911
At NGA 911, we are on a mission to make communication easier on both sides of the 9-1-1 call.  To accomplish the goal of 9-1-1 modernization, we partnered with Amazon Web Services to develop a cloud-based solution for the Next Generation of 9-1-1. With that comes enhanced cybersecurity, network resiliency, and more accurate call routing resulting in a more effective emergency response. Our solution improves capabilities with functionality, such as real-time text, location-based routing, and user-friendly dashboards not available in the existing systems. Although PSAPs may not yet be ready for instant messaging, telematics, or medical alerts from wearable devices, our solution was developed with the future in mind and can deliver that information today.

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