A Black College Student Identified a President with A Secret Superpower – Will it Change the Election?

CHICAGO, Sept. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — iPresident announces a nationwide search to elect the first iPresident of the United States. The online search gives aspiring candidates a shot at history, that unique person that can become the voice that connects a divided country. One candidate, Ken’Triana, is a young black college student that says a story she found could change the election. The story is about a secret superpower and how that quality is what we all desire in a candidate as told to a diverse mix of age groups and races that participated in the nationwide search. This group, White, Black, Hispanic, Asian are future leaders with the desire to represent our country as the iPresident of the United States. America has 350 Million Voices, but there will be only one iPresident to impact the world.

According to a spokesperson for iPresident, “There is no better time than right now to host a nationwide casting call for the FIRST iPresident of the United States, an alternative reality platform powered by the voice of the next generation, where humanity intersects with technology, driving positive change.”

The spokesperson added, “Ken’Triana also gave a 2-minute speech titled An Effort to Understand by Robert F. Kennedy, remarks on the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. Interested candidates like Ken’Triana can start the process by filling out a form on the iPresident website.  The potential candidate will be given a short script to use for their audition. The candidates will be introduced to the public who will get a chance to iVote for the best candidate that says something worth saying in a way that is worth listening to.” Ken’Triana stated that the reason she wanted to audition was because “iPresident is a platform with a message that I am behind. Especially with the pressing issues that our country is being faced with to this day. I have been asking myself, what can I do…to bring change, to make my voice heard? I believe that this is the opportunity that I’m looking for.”

iPresidential candidates can showcase their message and ideas from anywhere in America. Auditioning is a simple process that allows potential candidates to give a quick speech that inspires the public.

For more information: www.iPresidentoftheunitedstates.com/auditions/ or YouTube Video

SOURCE iPresident of the United States