A Good Old Fashioned Satire Puts Today’s Chaotic World Under a Microscope and Brings It into Focus in the Year 2040

DALLAS, March 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The chaos of global warming and its attendant climate change upheavals have brought the world into crisis. In 2040 the world’s most powerful corporations step into the fray to overthrow the ineffectual politicians. They stage a worldwide coup by email and replace the nation-states with the United Corporate States.

In A Women’s Paradise by Anita Lerbee, the starting point for the new corporate world order is the establishment of a uniform worldwide organizational structure and monetary system. The top agenda for every corporate entity is the reduction of global warming and climate change. The most important corporate officer is the Vice President for Life and Death whose charter is to bring about negative population growth by whatever means necessary.  

A terrible plague strikes in the bottom half of the brave new world which is now called the United Corporate States of America. Mad Male Disease (MMD) kills sixty percent of the adult males in what was formerly the lower half of the United States. Traditional corporate male leadership is literally dead. The grieving women in the affected territory have to step up and take charge in their corporations, something many of them have been waiting and wanting to do their entire lives. This is their chance to establish a women’s paradise by reversing centuries of discrimination against women.

No paradise is complete without its snakes. The men who survived the plague do not like the new female order and are determined to create as much chaos as possible to highlight the incompetence of their women leaders. Among others the Lolligarch, the Biggest Liar, and the founder of Make America Male Again (MAMA) are all determined to return their territory to the good old days when men like them were in charge.  

A Women’s Paradise is a humorous social and political satire. The approach to the satire might best be described as Voltaire’s Candide falls asleep and wakes up in George Orwell’s 1984. Some of the characters in this story would also feel quite at home in Dante’s Inferno. The central topics explored are corporate interference in government, women’s liberation, the effects of global warming, human’s disrespect for their habitat and other species, and the inevitable failure of a world that has suppressed rather than invited diversity.

Author Anita Lerbee spent thirty-plus years primarily in the defense industry working mostly for corporations both as an employee and as an owner. She comments, “I found it fun, challenging and horrifying to project in my book a world ruled by corporations.” She is a baby boomer who is devastated to realize that the daily reality of women is being dragged back into the past to reengage in battles between the genders that had supposedly been won. Lerbee says, “America looks like a war zone for women instead of the shining dreamscape world of equality I naively ex-pected when I was a young woman in the 60s.”

Lerbee always planned to become an author when she retired from her corporate career. In her first book she uses her lifetime of experience to urge women everywhere into action to resist and protect themselves and their children against the negative trends that are reducing and destroying freedom and equal rights for women.

A Women’s Paradise. (Independently Published, $19.00, 606 pages, 5.25 x 8, paperback, ISBN: 9798891841970) is sold at www.amazon.com.

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