Aerial Recovery Leads Ukraine Orphan Rescue Mission Ground-breaking Memorandum of Understanding with Ukraine Military Administration

LVIV, Ukraine, March 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Lviv Regional Military Administration authorized at national level, and the Service for Children of Lviv Military Administration, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Aerial Recovery and fellow U.S. based charity New Horizons for Children to work in partnership to provide safeguarding for orphans of Ukraine.

Aerial Recovery and New Horizons for Children will provide funding and personnel to facilitate the following key stages of assistance:

  • Increase capacity of accommodation and agreed childcare provision and safeguarding in Lviv for displaced children/orphans
  • Ensure that all onward cross-border movement of children proceed with all necessary permits and authorizations
  • All parties will work with accredited NGOs on escorted evacuation of children from dangerous areas of hostilities in east Ukraine to safe havens in west Ukraine
  • Facilitate the provision and movement of western aid supplies to areas of need in the east
  • The Memorandum of Understanding is effective upon signing on Saturday 12th March. Amendments and additions to which can be made with agreement of all parties, an agreed notice period of one month prior to termination of the agreement.

Updating from Ukraine, Jeremy Locke, Chief of Operations, spoke of Aerial Recovery’s Ukraine mission, "We are delighted to have been able to facilitate the safe passage and temporary rehoming of 247 children and orphans from conflict areas to safe cities in western Ukraine" Locke added, "There are still thousands of orphans in desperate need of evacuation from hostilities and time is running out. We will continue our efforts for as long as the vulnerable of Ukraine can benefit from our assistance."

Aerial Recovery and Global Empowerment Mission*, both registered non-profit organizations, have joined forces to support the estimated 3-7 million people who could become refugees due to the conflict in Ukraine. Global Empowerment Mission has been servicing refugees who have reached the Polish border from 24th February, the beginning of the hostilities.

100% of donations to Aerial Recovery will go to support orphans and refugees.

Aerial Recovery is the non-profit arm of Aerial Recovery Group, an organization re-missioning Veterans through meaningful employment, missions, and partnerships.

Aerial Recovery Group’s mission is to:

  • Save Lives
  • Eliminate Confusion
  • Maximize Support
  • Accelerate Recovery

Aerial accomplishes this by employing the most qualified, trained, and elite military Veterans to deploy as Humanitarian Operators to man-made and natural disasters all over the world. The Veterans’ vast training and years of experience in austere environments, combined with the resources and aid of partner non-profit organizations allows for highly effective missions and sustainable projects that save people’s lives, ease their suffering, and preserve human dignity.

Aerial Recovery and Aerial Recovery Group exist under the Aerial Group of brands, all founded by Britnie Faith Turner. Turner is a serial entrepreneur whose businesses all exist to elevate people and places. Turner believes that through the creation of force for good businesses, world issues such as poverty and human trafficking can be eliminated and replaced with meaningful opportunities that empower people and sustain the planet. Aerial’s commitment to a triple bottom line approach is proving that conscious business is not only viable but the way of the future.

*Global Empowerment Mission is dedicated to restoring hope and opportunity in the lives of those most affected by disasters. GEM has partnered with Aerial Recovery to establish a welcome center for the Ukrainian refugees on the border of Poland and has been aiding with flights, trains, hotels and much needed supplies.

Media Contact:
Tori Rolson

SOURCE Aerial Recovery