Alabama City Partners with MayorCommand to Launch Nation's First Cyber-City Hall

RAINBOW CITY, Ala., July 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The ability of elected leaders to adapt their government services for remote citizens has now led to the creation of the nation’s first cyber-space city hall. City services soon available from a cyber-city hall will now include electronic city forms that are pushed to citizen phones to fill out registrations remotely, the distribution of web-based message boards to citizen phones when 911 networks fail, and the texting of court reminders to citizen smart phones to help citizens avoid financial penalties due to missing court due to a lack of awareness. Alerting citizen phones with updated information can also include the distribution of detailed plans for helping cities coordinate emergency response when a tornado or weather event has occurred. Town water alerts might soon be something mayors might coordinate toward citizen phones if water resources are in any danger or unavailable. Protecting citizens through new alerting mechanisms is a true advantage in protecting city businesses, government, and citizens. Citizens can now get information pushed to them more quickly without any geographic barriers and without visiting the city hall location.

Rainbow City, Alabama voted last week to prioritize development of the nation’s first cyber-remote city hall to help streamline government services. Patented cyber-infrastructure platforms have now been approved by Rainbow City leaders to dramatically advance Rainbow City government communications, and to also create a new era of government convenience. In order for government services to be convenient for citizens the leaders of Rainbow City are creating technology that helps city clerks and other employees to push operations directly to citizen smart phones. Enabling staff alerts to quickly interact with a mass number of city employees can assure emergency plans can be quickly adapted and coordinated via phone alerts linked to city command during unexpected situations. When city HR emergencies occur staff can now easily be pushed alerts that include updated work schedules when needed. 

MayorCommand prepares city employees and leaders to operate city government remotely should natural disasters, criminal computer attack, or even if future social or international threats ever occur. Should unexpected man made or natural events disrupt city hall then city leaders can still govern online through push alerts. The recent pandemic interfered in some ways with trusted government services in some cities across the country. The recent pandemic showed many government mayors around the nation that more preparation is needed to assure government is readied for future instability or even panics ahead. These safeguards and advances can assure city services continue steadily during disruptive communication events. Communications with citizens must be assured to be quickly available from remote locations when city infrastructure is damaged. Elected leaders now have a responsibility to prepare their cities for government continuity, but they also need to make more outreach to their citizens wherever they are.

Joe Taylor, Rainbow City, Alabama’s newest mayor, recently negotiated development of this new MayorCommand service. "The daily needs of our citizens are ever-changing, and the ability of today’s leaders to adapt towards citizen use of remote devices is now a priority. Citizens are busier now, and that means we must adapt for them. MayorCommand is now helping our city in Alabama better expand our city services for the changing lifestyles of our citizens. As citizens become dependent on remote technologies and personal communications it is only best for the city to do the same thing." stated Mayor Taylor.

MayorCommand has developed website interception technology that assures city websites stay online during international and criminal attacks. MayorCommand assures alternate communication tools prolong city operations during unexpected events. City Clerks can now undertake use of these technologies as needed. 

MayorCommand sets up patented command websites that interface with text alerts. City services and communications can be carried directly to citizen phones and remote devices via the city clerk or other leaders. MayorCommand is based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama with offices in Visalia, California and West Jordan, Utah.

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