Alabama US Senate Race Scrambled at CPAC: Founder Victor Williams Enters Senate Race Blasting McConnell Interference and Unqualified Shelby Intern Katie Britt

FAIRHOPE, Ala., March 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — At CPAC, a disruptive, insurgent political movement — "" — was announced. will "work to reclaim the Democrat Party from Marxists, Incompetents, Anarchists, and Academic Thugs." warns elitist Republicans that Donald Trump has huge support among working Democrats, Independents, and Libertarians. Trump does not need Old Crow McConnell or his arrogant ilk. was launched by Law Professor Victor Williams, a long-time advocate for Donald Trump. In December 2015, Williams was the nation’s first and only academic to predict candidate Trump’s primary and then general election victories. Williams founded "Law Professors for Trump" in 2016 to support Trump, his nominations, and policies in the media, the public square and federal courts.

Now, Williams is personally scrambling the closely-watched race for the US Senate in Alabama. Williams’s Senate campaign leverages Alabama’s unique Crossover Primary. It is a free-for-all primary without partisan voting restriction.  

Williams began his legal career in Mobile Alabama as a judicial law clerk for conservative federal trial judge William Brevard Hand. While establishing his law teaching career in Washington, DC, Williams continued to summer in his adopted home of Fairhope, Alabama. Williams joyfully returned fulltime to utopian Fairhope, Alabama last year to launch

Victor Williams believes that his America-First, populist message for the Senate connects with hard-working, Trump-loving, America-loving Alabamians.  

Williams blends together MAGA/America First with populist themes such as:

*Slashing Federal//AL Gas Tax and AL Food Tax

*Expansion of Medicaid for Deserving Alabamians

*Defend RKBA and all other constitutional liberties.

*Full Legalization of Marijuana (or take away Victor’s Gin!)

*Term Limits for Congress, Judges/Justices, and all Bureaucrats (like Fauci).

Williams dedicated his campaign to, and often references, populist Alabama Governor "Big Jim" Folsom.

Williams stated:

"Alabamians are now supporting us from across all perspectives.

Alabamians are questioning the weak-sister competency of the other candidates.

Alabamians resent Mitch McConnell coming into Alabama to anoint unqualified former Shelby Intern Katie Britt.

Give it to the anti-Trump Republicans, they do treat their Interns well.

No Holly Golightly $50 powder room loan – rather a US Senate seat.

Spin the Intern through the congressional staffing revolving door twice to make her a press aid and then the top staffer.

Then a faux ‘Business Council’ gig awaiting Old Crow instructions.

Millions of PAC dollars in way too-slick advertising.

Jealous Much, Monica Lewinski.

Vernon Jordan, RIP"

A strong advocate of congressional term limits, Williams charges 87-year-old Richard Shelby with "abusing his Appropriations Committee position to squeeze out big money and endorsements for his Intern." 

Williams also blasts career-politician Mo Brooks as an "indolent campaigner and general blowhard" who is "unable to seal the deal despite the DJT loyalty endorsement last year."

Williams formally announced his Senate campaign on Valentine’s Day at his cottage home in Fairhope, Alabama to celebrate Alabama’s love of America and Alabama’s love of Donald Trump.   

Among many reasons that Williams loves Trump, the Senate candidate declares: "I love Trump most because Donald Trump so PUBLICLY loves America — the legend of Kwa Liga informs.

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