Artur Pawlowski, Renowned Canadian Pastor, Embarks on US Tour Starting at the Rally to Reopen America in Tampa this Weekend

TAMPA, Fla., June 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Artur Pawlowski, a Polish born preacher and civil rights activist who now lives in Canada, is making the trip South to the United States this weekend, where he will join dozens of healthcare freedom and faith-based activists at Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne’s mega-church for a three-day long Healthcare & Freedom Conference "RALLY TO REOPEN AMERICA." 

Pawlowski, who was born in Communist Poland and reached great success with his construction business in the 80’s and 90’s, eventually lost it all after a years long struggle with suicidal thoughts and alcoholism. After meeting the women who would become his wife, Pawlowski would be introduced to Christianity and has never looked back. 

Since then, he has spent decades spreading the words of Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Bible, often to underserved communities like the homeless, has become well-known and respected in the Christian world for his willingness to take to the streets to encourage people to harness the power of faith. These operations are part of Pawlowski’s "Street Church Ministries." 

Pawlowski’s own church, which has faced unlawful lockdown orders in Canada since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Steadfast and committed to providing his community access to fellowship and faith, Pawlowski has been attacked by the Canadian government and law enforcement for keeping his doors open. 

Pawlowski’s arrest for his refusal to shut his doors and failing to stop his organizing of faith based gatherings went viral last week after videos of law enforcement officers swarming the preacher were posted online. 

"It is during the toughest of times that we need Jesus Christ the most. Cowering to authoritarian government edicts and misguided law enforcement officers is the opposite of what God would want from us as Christians. I’m no stranger to struggle and I am excited to join so many fellow Christians in Tampa to fight for our right to worship," said Pawlowski. 

The Rally To Reopen America is one of many stops on Pawlowski’s first US Tour with other speaking engagements in Scottsdale, AZ on June 22nd and California June 24th & 25th. Full schedule at with updates being made daily. 

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