Athena Security Launches New “Security Heroes” Podcast Spotlighting the Men and Women Who Help Keep Society Safe

New semi-monthly podcast recognizes the heroic acts of today’s security professionals while exploring the challenges they face and successful strategies they adopt in high-stress situations

AUSTIN, Texas, July 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Athena Security, a worldwide Entryway Security and Concealed Weapons Detection System Software provider, today announced the launch of a new podcast titled “Security Heroes.” The new semi-monthly podcast sheds light on the positive aspects of keeping people safe while recognizing these true heroes of society and exploring the challenges they face and the industry as a whole.

“There’s content out there about heroes generally, and now here is a go-to resource that shares real-life stories of heroes in the security world,” said Athena Security co-founder and President Lisa Falzone. “The ‘Security Heroes’ podcast aims to be a voice for these extraordinary people and to connect them with audiences who can benefit from their hard-earned wisdom.”

With negative news dominating the airwaves, “Security Heroes” aims to shift the focus to the many positives that exist even in highly stressful environments. Hosted by Falzone, the podcast features interviews with some of the best and brightest minds in the world of security. Early episodes feature experts such as Mel Cortez, who founded Cortex GOLD to help organizations mitigate workplace violence, and Lisa Terry, chief development officer at Vistelar, a conflict management training and consulting institute.

Cortez, a seasoned travel nurse, was inspired to launch Cortex GOLD with her co-founder after suffering an assault in a hospital emergency department — an experience that placed her among the 98% of all healthcare workers who have been victims of violence. In the podcast, Cortez dives into the roles of policy and procedure, training and tactical empathy, integrated technology and more. She also shares practical advice and her long-term vision for nurse safety.

Terry, a former police officer and chief of campus police and public safety at a hospital, is also an expert in crisis management, emergency management and law protection, as well as the author of Active Shooter Response Handbook for Healthcare Workers. Podcast guests tackle topics from how security workers react in high-stress scenarios to the challenges that arise in emergency situations and share personal accounts from their security journeys.

Athena Security’s mission is to help #SaveLives. It does this through its groundbreaking concealed weapon detection management platform for more thorough screening of people entering buildings and visitor management to know who is coming into the facility.

The “Security Heroes” podcast goes live today on Apple and Spotify.

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