Athena Security Launches Next Generation Walk-Through Metal Detection 10X Faster and More Accurate Screening for Concealed Weapons

Athena’s Entryway Security Solution has a 
faster flow rate and improved detection of concealed weapons

AUSTIN, Texas, May 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Athena Security announces the launch of the company’s fast, frictionless Entryway Security Solution, which is a multi-sensor walk-through metal detector allowing the faster flow of pedestrian traffic. "Society desires a safe and secure world while avoiding the feeling of entering a jail," said Athena Security Co-founder and President Lisa Falzone. "Our new walk-through metal detector overcomes this catch 22 allowing for the fast flow of traffic into buildings while providing a high level of weapons detection and security screening.  The system automatically tells the difference between a weapon and a cell phone, keys and watches, eliminating the need to divest items required by legacy metal detectors.  We see this as a perfect solution for institutions to deter and detect concealed weapons."

Customers using the new Entryway Security System
"Propeller Airports began working with Athena Security at the onset of the pandemic after learning about their novel thermal screening system that monitors for elevated body temperatures," said Brett Smith, CEO Propeller Airports LLC. "Their system was placed just prior to the TSA checkpoint and allowed us to unobtrusively check people’s body temperatures before passing through security. Having Athena’s system in place not only made our facility safer but continues to be of comfort to our passengers and staff. Our goal as a passenger terminal operator is to not only offer a seamless airport experience, but to have the safest environment possible. And so, when Athena introduced their concealed weapons detection technology, we did not hesitate to evaluate and install another of their cutting-edge solutions to add yet another layer of protection for our guests. Their technology is revolutionary insofar as it can detect concealed weapons prior to TSA security, something that is safer for all."

"My company just installed the Athena concealed weapon detection system, after a lot of research. With varying threats, it’s important to work with local authorities, community leaders, and buy the best technology possible." said a small business owner in Minneapolis that wishes to remain anonymous after he was threatened with a gun, and the neighboring businesses were broken into and looted.

Athena customers also appreciate the RFID integration that offers accountability by identifying who is passing through, while maintaining a high traffic flow. Athena’s access control integrations provide the ability to open or lock doors or a turnstile depending on the situation. Customers can also view and monitor alerts anywhere in the world from their current VMS security system.

About Athena Security
Headquartered in Austin, TX and founded by former Revel Systems Co-founders Lisa Falzone and Chris Ciabarra, Athena Security is a cutting edge Apple iPad temperature detection and gun detection security company. Athena Security’s temperature detection is extremely accurate within +-0.2 degrees Celsius. The concealed weapon solution, now including Athena’s new Entryway Detection System, uses multiple sensors to detect guns and mitigate risk.  For more information go to Athena Security’s website at

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