BidPrime and Ontopical Partner to Help Small and Medium Businesses Find Public Works Opportunities Early, in Time to Win

AUSTIN, Texas, March 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Today BidPrime and Ontopical announced they are bringing Ontopical’s data and AI capabilities into BidPrime’s industry-leading government RFP platform, to help small and medium-sized businesses easily detect emerging bid opportunities early, with advance access to information to shape, influence, and target actionable early stage leads.

“By combining BidPrime’s leading bid and RFP platform, with Ontopical’s opportunity detection powers, we’re leveling the playing field for small and medium businesses looking to compete for government work,” said Stephen Hetzel, CEO of BidPrime. “This is the first time that an RFP platform has had complete local government agency coverage including agendas, minutes, budgets, plans and video, integrated with AI to automatically discover opportunities for our customers.”

With BidPrime’s Emerging Opps it just takes minutes for small and medium-sized businesses to search for suitable public sector opportunities and link directly to the moment in meeting minutes or a video where potential opportunities were being discussed. Businesses ranging from IT consulting to construction to facilities services, can now get alerted daily to new agency opportunities in data released.

“It used to be that only large enterprises could afford government market intelligence technology,” commented Clayton Feick, CEO of Ontopical. “Now it’s not just Halliburton, but also Hal who owns a mid-sized utilities services business, that can proactively compete for millions in government contracts. As the only provider of AI generated opportunities, we’re proud to have our data and AI capabilities driving that competition.”

This announcement comes at a moment when government organizations at all levels are working to attract more qualified bidders. The American Jobs Plan will have invested $2.3 trillion in building infrastructure including projects in public housing, water, public schools and higher education, broadband infrastructure, transportation and highways. The objective is to rehabilitate and build valuable American infrastructure, support jobs and economic growth, and achieve supplier diversity and inclusion in government contracting. Similar investment is underway in Canada with the Investing in Canada Plan.

Two recognized shortcomings of government contracting can be a bias toward incumbent vendors who can have more access to information, and not enough responses from qualified bidders. It can take contractors long hours to gather information by attending city hall or local agency meetings or listening to hours of committee meeting videos. BidPrime and Ontopical dramatically reduce the time and effort for SMBs to detect opportunities and prepare a competitive bid.

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Ontopical helps companies win more work with local governments by detecting early signals of new business using AI, to completely monitor local government activities across North America. Every day, Ontopical mines early business opportunities from more data sources and across more formats and geographies than any other intelligence platform, equipping customers in engineering, construction, telecommunications, consulting, technology, health services and other industries to build sales pipeline and improve conversions. Find out more at

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