Billion Dollar Patent Solves a Trillion Dollar Problem

Minimizing touchscreen distraction while driving ends the touchscreen stigma.

SAN DIEGO, May 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — John Medcalf, CEO of Writrol Corp. (, asks what you’d pay to keep your family safe from driver distractions in your car and other cars? Writrol’s method for controlling vehicles while eyes are on the road will give drivers that safety buffer.

As a designer of software for people who are blind and people with developmental disabilities, Mr. Medcalf recognized that drivers using a touchscreen are effectively blind and cognitively impaired during that viewing and touching. This led to the invention of a universal means for issuing vehicle commands without the distractions of leaning over and searching a screen.

According to the NHTSA report DOT HS 813 403 “the total value of societal harm from motor vehicle crashes in 2019 was $1.37 trillion.” Based on drivers reporting being distracted, the NHTSA estimates direct damages from distracted driver accidents at $98 billion for 2019. The NHTSA considers that many drivers would decline to report being distracted.

Writrol Corp. knows the income value of this patent to auto manufacturers could be large. The value lies in knowing loved ones are safer in a Writrol enabled vehicle.

The value to the eventual patent owner is the ability to shape the vehicle digital environment.

Writrol Corp. sees that this patent might encourage large tech to buy the patent to exert their design influence in the biggest market in the world, light vehicles. Mr. Medcalf notes: “Meta or Amazon or Apple or Alphabet could use the Writrol method to focus a market that no longer needs to be driven by fins and flourishes and a calliope of dashboard controls.”

Any large mobile tech company could shape the world’s largest physical product market by managing the Writrol patent as the nexus of safe driving, connectivity, and entertainment.

Mr. Medcalf would love to help Tesla implement Writrol and make its touchscreen controls fit like a glove. Everyone knows the Tesla touchscreen UI/UX was designed to please an engineer.

I love Musk for his vision and drive. I love driving my torque in a box. I’d love a safer interface.

Writrol’s founder is an inventive UX designer. Medcalf’s work for the blind has been likened to Ray Kurzweil’s 1970’s work for the blind. Mr. Kurzweil’s tenacity has been an inspiration to numerous software developers. He, like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, show us how relentless is the secret sauce for life-changing products.

Mr. Medcalf is also the dean of voter technology including voter registration and check-in kiosks. His election tech company, VOTEC, is the only company with the skills to satisfy HAVA and ADA.

If your programming expertise is elections, please apply. The work is energetic and rewarding.

As a wannabe tech mogul, Mr. Medcalf is also Chief Development Officer for My Friendly Eyes providing assistive technology for people caring for and about people with cognitive difficulties.

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