Brian Levine Announces a “Media Day” on April 23, 2021 in Somerset, New Jersey

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, N.J., April 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Brian Levine, CPA, a Republican primary candidate for New Jersey Governor 2021 elections, will hold a Media day on Friday, April 23 at Village Plaza, 1075 Easton Avenue, Somerset New Jersey, 08873, at 10am. Directly following, he will host a Zoom call to meet and greet residents. Information on how to access the meeting will be posted on

“I decided to run for Governor because I believe I can bring positive change to New Jersey,” Levine stated. “I have the experience, the education, and the drive to solve some of New Jersey’s biggest issues. As a CPA, Mayor, Freeholder, corporate officer, and as a client advisor I know taxes. Inside and out. And I know our taxes are too high! New Jersyans will not suffer tax increases under my administration. I will bring fiscal sanity to the State by budgeting responsibly and implementing policies that stem from my proven fiscally conservative credentials. When I left Franklin Township as Mayor, we had one of the highest surpluses in the State. I will create a business-friendly atmosphere, financial incentives, implement programs designed to fix the spotty pandemic relief for businesses, and help citizens that are hurting.”

New Jersey needs improvement from a proven leader. Our current governor seemed unsympathetic. He is oblivious to important ancillary issues. Domestic violence is up, mental health services are in greater demand, unemployment is over the top, schools are still closed, and the Department of Motor Vehicles is a mess. Upper management has no concept of how to improve and deliver these kinds of services to residents. I do.”

“For the vast majority of New Jerseyans, dreams remain. I will help those dreams come true with the residents of New Jersey, for the residents of New Jersey and because of the residents of New Jersey.  Integrity and honorability are my best virtues. I believe we can do better.  Believe in Better with me!”

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