China Yellow River Culture Month held in Zhengzhou

ZHENGZHOU, China, May 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — China’s Henan Province refers to the southern bank of the Yellow River. The Yellow River culture is the root of Chinese civilization. In Zhengzhou, China, on the bank of the Yellow River, a month-long activity related to the origin of the Yellow River culture is being held (April 13—May 8, 2021). Chime Culture Co., Ltd is responsible for the international promotion of this event.

The activities of the Yellow River Culture Month are splendid, including nine contents: the launching ceremony of the Yellow River Culture Month in China (Zhengzhou), the ceremony of worshipping the ancestors in the hometown of the Yellow Emperor in the Xin Chou year, the “Three Cities Three Hundred and Three Thousand Years” series of cultural tourism activities, and the Yellow River Basin Art Performance Season, Yellow River Culture Theme Art Salon, China (Zhengzhou) International Tourism City Mayor Forum, China (Zhengzhou) Yellow River Chorus Week, Yellow River Treasures-Exhibition of Cultural Relics from Nine Provinces along the Yellow River, “Together @ (love)Yellow River” —— China (Zhengzhou) Yellow River Cultural Month Series Cultural Products First Launch Conference.

The Yellow River civilization is seeking contemporary international expression from a global perspective, conveying enlightenment, tolerance and uniqueness.

In the beginning, the Chinese did not come to China from other places like our early settlers, but were thought to be the direct descendants of the prehistoric cave people who lived in North China hundreds of thousands of years ago. The Chinese civilization as we know it first developed in the big bend of the Yellow River, where the land is soft and easy to be processed by the crude tools of the Chinese Stone Age people living before 3000 BC.

The Chinese spread north, east and south from the Yellow River, sometimes absorbing indigenous tribes until Confucius (500 BC) when they occupied most of the river between the Yangtze River and the Great Wall, and people from the primitive Stone Age To people who can raise animals, irrigate the land, make exquisite bronze weapons and utensils, build walled cities and produce great philosophers (such as Confucius).

China’s first emperor Shih Huang Ti is known as the builder of the Great Wall, which stretches west from the sea to the deserts of Central Asia-about the same distance from New York City to the Rocky Mountains. The purpose of this arduous engineering work is to protect the settled Chinese people from the barbaric nomads living outside them. Today, most areas of the Great Wall still stand tall.

A brief review of Chinese history can give the Chinese a new, wholesome respect. The global cultural analysis of the Yellow River culture will reveal the development trajectory of China in the next century. Through the international exchanges of the Yellow River culture, we can learn more about Chinese civilization.

The values of culture and of being civilized have existed in China so long that they have soaked right through the whole people. He sets great store by such things as personal dignity, self-respect, and respect for others. Welcome to Henan, China.

Zhixu Cai

SOURCE Chime Culture Co., Ltd