ClouDhiti Launches Safera for Crime Analytics & Predictions, Plans for Global Expansion

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ClouDhiti announces the launch of Safera, a Crime Analytics & Predictions Platform that law enforcement and public safety agencies around the world can rely on to detect, analyze, and predict crime. The various apps on the platform help in deterring crime by identifying trends and providing actionable insights that law enforcement officers can rely on on a daily basis.

Executing on ClouDhiti‘s vision to operate at a global level, ClouDhiti and PBSTi of Cape Town, South Africa announced a Strategic Partnership today. Through this partnership, PBSTi will make available the Safera platform to South Africa to start with and then, as a next step, the whole of Africa. Law enforcement agencies can leverage the powers of the Safera platform, either on their own premise, hosted inside their firewall, or through the secured public cloud offering.

ClouDhiti Inc, a California based company founded by Aparajeeta Das, is a global powerhouse for bespoke Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for various industries. Safera is one such offering for local/state/federal government agencies.  Aparajeeta Das is excited about this partnership and comments, “This is a great opportunity for us to launch Safera on a worldwide platform. With the help of PSBTi, we will be able to expand the platform and its apps to many law enforcement agencies around the world, helping them to deter, manage, and control crime.

PBSTi, founded by Percy Sarjoo and Shane Jacobs is a subsidiary of a South African based stable, innovative company that provides technology solutions & services primarily in South Africa with a focus on the rest of Africa.  As the founders says, “PBSTi has been looking for such a platform to launch in the African market as part of the plan to help transform Africa through technology. It is a great opportunity to develop a strategic partnership with ClouDhiti. We are looking forward to a strong partnership where Safera can grow bigger and better.

Both parties expect this partnership to bring in a revolutionary change in the world of crime analytics and predictions. Execution plans are well underway.

Continuing on its global expansion plans, ClouDhiti is looking for more such partnerships with local companies who truly understand the lay of the land to successfully conduct business in their respective part of the world.

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Indrila Saha

SOURCE ClouDhiti Inc.