CO2Meter Introduces CM-900 Industrial Gas Detector

ORMOND BEACH, Fla., Dec. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CO2Meter, a leading manufacturer in gas detection solutions – announces the release of an industrial gas detector designed to monitor gases in industrial environments. The highly anticipated CM-900 industrial gas safety series will measure either oxygen or carbon dioxide, protecting employees working near and around hazardous gases in the field. With the environmentally adaptive industrial enclosure, it also creates advantages for both harsh and wash-down environments.

The CM-900 series is designed to measure low oxygen or high carbon dioxide to protect employees and staff should accidental leaks and releases occur. Delivering frequent and accurate measurements, the CM-900 series allows users to feel secure knowing audible and visual alarms will activate notifying of an unsafe condition. Recent articles such as this one have also become widespread and tell the solemn stories of incidents where asphyxiation or poisoning have occurred due to gas leaks – yet, unfortunately, could have been properly prevented. 

“When it comes to protecting worksites and workers, this is a number one priority for any business,” said Travis Lenander, CEO at CO2Meter. “With CO2Meter’s market leading experience in the gas detection industry, we know we can give operators peace of mind in knowing that systems like the CM-900 series can withstand various industrial conditions all while protecting their staff in real-time.”

CO2Meter continues to focus on educating customers about gas detection safety and provides cutting-edge solutions that address key challenges in the field. It is due to their industry expertise and relationships that have cemented CO2Meter as a true “go-to-source” for customers and partners. Their technologies encompass a wide range of product categories from fixed gas detectors, portable gas analyzers, and gas controllers that are installed and used widespread across the globe. 

“When we looked at various industries and partners, we realized that industrial, cryogenics, food freezing, and many others had a device gap in the market where CO2Meter could apply our expertise and technology to provide true solutions. As we speak to gas distributors about the CM-900, we hear feedback like ‘this device has already paid for itself’ or ‘now we can finally give our fill plant employees the peace of mind they deserve without question,'” announced CO2Meter Executive Vice President, Joshua Pringle.

“Overall, we are all very excited to launch this device as we already have plans to add additional gas sensing and wireless capabilities into an enhanced model in 2024, proving that CO2Meter continues to listen to customers’ needs and can provide solutions across a broad scale of markets and industries,” states CO2Meter VP of Marketing, Morgan Morris.

When fast or informed decisions make the difference between life and safety, using a gas safety detector can provide the right accuracy and reliability. With CO2Meter’s industrial gas detector series, you never have to trade off on the reliability of your gas detector, making the best decisions for your team, employees, and establishment – all with one glance of the device.

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Often identified as the “leading source” for gas detection, monitoring, and analytical solutions, CO2Meter continues to focus on the development of solutions for customers. Since its incorporation in 2006, CO2Meter has worked diligently to utilize the latest, proven gas sensing technologies to solve the urgent needs of our partners.

­­By providing unique, high quality, gas detection monitoring solutions, CO2Meter strives each day and in each customer interaction to provide education about gas detection and monitoring, and to ensure the health, welfare, and safety of the public.

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