Congressional Candidate, Nate Cain, Introduces Groundbreaking Parental Rights Bill to The West Virginia Legislature to Empower West Virginia Families

Nate Cain and Team Unveil Crucial Parental Rights Bill in Hopes That Governor Justice Will Add It to the Special Session

HEDGESVILLE, W.Va., Aug. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As West Virginia’s special legislative session commences, congressional candidate for West Virginia’s 2nd District, Nate Cain and his esteemed team proudly present the groundbreaking Parental Rights Bill. This comprehensive legislation is a significant step towards safeguarding the well-being and decision-making authority of parents in the state.

Cain’s bill addresses several critical aspects that resonate with every responsible parent’s heart:

1. Protecting Parental Decision-Making Rights: The bill ensures that parents in West Virginia retain full authority over their children’s medical, psychological, religious, moral/ethical, and general well-being decisions. This fundamental principle empowers parents to make the best choices for their children’s health, education, and overall upbringing.

2. Upholding Educational Rights: Parents hold the right to choose where their child receives their education. Cain’s bill protects this prerogative, empowering parents to make educational decisions that align with their family’s values and aspirations.

3. Safeguarding Parental Responsibility and Sovereign Authority: Recognizing the vital role of parents in their children’s lives, the bill safeguards their primary responsibility and God-given authority over their children’s legal affairs. This measure reinforces the bond between parents and their children and ensures that critical decisions remain within the family’s purview.

4. Government Transparency: Cain’s bill explicitly ensures that the government cannot withhold vital information about children from their parents. This transparency measure fosters trust and open communication between families and state institutions.

5. Protection Against Inappropriate Exposure: The bill includes a crucial provision prohibiting state-sponsored exposure of minor children to obscene, indecent, and profane materials, as well as sexually explicit behaviors while on public property. This measure is aimed at preserving the innocence and well-being of West Virginia’s youth.

6. Ensuring Privacy and Safety: Cain’s bill takes a firm stance on safeguarding children’s privacy in public bathrooms, shower rooms, and changing rooms on campuses. This step is designed to protect children from having their privacy violated by the presence of the biological opposite sex.

Nate Cain and his dedicated team have worked tirelessly to craft the Parental Rights Bill, recognizing the paramount importance of protecting our children’s future. This legislation represents a resolute commitment to family values and parental autonomy. 

Concerned parents played a significant role in bringing the issues this bill covers to the forefront during discussions with the West Virginia people.  The bill has been submitted to Delegate Scott Heckart for legislative formatting by his bill writer and is currently being socialized with many in the House and the Senate expressing support.

We urge Governor Jim Justice to use his authority to add this bill to the Special Session and the West Virginia’s legislature to support and pass this bill that protect Parent’s God-given rights over the health and welfare of their children and a bill truly designed to protect the children’s innocence.  As the special session begins, we urge all members of the West Virginia legislature to support this bill. Together, we can take a momentous step forward in securing the rights and well-being of West Virginia’s families and children.

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About Nate Cain:
Nate Cain, an America First, Republican candidate for Congress in West Virginia’s 2nd District, gained prominence as the Federal Whistleblower exposing the FBI’s alleged cover-up of Hillary Clinton’s pay-to-play crimes. Now, alongside his team, he seeks to protect and strengthen parental rights in the State of West Virginia.

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