ConnectedSF Launches Coalition of Community-Led, City-Wide Neighborhood Groups Across San Francisco

The 501c4 Organization Champions Stronger Communities through Civic Engagement and Informed Citizenry

SAN FRANCISCO, March 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ConnectedSF, a dynamic organization committed to positive change across San Francisco, today officially launched its coalition of citywide neighborhood groups to promote stronger communities through robust civic engagement and an informed citizenry. The group has mobilized nearly 10,000 neighbors across all eleven districts to regularly and meaningfully get more involved with their community. At the core of its mission is the dedication to nurturing and supporting local neighborhood groups actively engaged in daily problem-solving.

ConnectedSF recognizes that fostering healthy communities begins with empowering citizens to actively participate in the civic life of San Francisco. By providing the tools and resources necessary for informed engagement, the organization is building a high-impact network across the city where individuals are not just residents but active contributors to the well-being of their neighborhoods. In the last year alone, the group has sent nearly 190,000 emails to City and State officials, organized 16 events, and supported many major wins since its inception, such as the community-led Board of Education and District Attorney recalls.

“As a San Francisco native, I grew up serving my community in the Excelsior. And what better way to continue that service than by partnering with like-minded people working together to accomplish common goals,” said Michael Juan, lead of Advocates 11. “I wanted to get involved in this larger mobilization now because I hope to see San Francisco return to the world-class city it is. It’s time to take the necessary action to address these issues as a community because the citizens of San Francisco deserve it –San Francisco deserves better, and it starts with us in the community.”

ConnectedSF was started by Marie Hurabiell, Executive Director, who in 2020 noticed a stark contrast between the decisions being made in City Hall and what regular citizens across San Francisco desired for their city. “When I began to examine what was happening in San Francisco, I realized City Hall wasn’t working for many of us. San Franciscans are smart and thoughtful, but most people are too busy raising families, pursuing careers, and taking care of their day-to-day lives to actively stay on top of the chaotic output of our elected officials. We use our collective voice and empower residents to create the change they want to see. ConnectedSF aims to make civic engagement easy and actionable for common-sense citizens to get involved.”

An essential facet of ConnectedSF’s approach is the emphasis on supporting local neighborhood groups that are vital in addressing important and timely community challenges. These groups, comprised of passionate and dedicated individuals, are the catalysts for positive change, working collaboratively to find solutions that enhance the quality of life for all San Franciscans. Currently, the organization is working alongside:

●  SOAR (Save Our Amazing Richmond)
●  D2Unite
●  Iconic D3
●  SUN (Sunset United Neighbors)
●  Hi5D5
●  Rebuild D6
●  Sensible D7
●  Activ8SF
●  DNiners
●  Mobilize10
●  Advocates 11

“I joined Sunset United Neighbors in 2022 with the goal of civic engagement and amplifying the neighborhood voices of those who felt unheard,” said Roger Wong, steering committee member of Sunset United Neighbors. “The Pandemic introduced new challenges but also exacerbated other long-standing problems in our city. We continued to be plagued by a drug overdose epidemic, homelessness, mental health crisis, neighborhood crime, struggling small businesses, anti-Asian hate, and a public school system that fails our kids. Our coalition aims to change that.”

“As a lifelong San Franciscan, I’ve always taken the time to review ballot measures and candidates before casting my vote, but it’s no longer enough,” said Jay Elliott, steering committee member of Sensible D7. “I’m excited to join so many fellow residents coming together to actively identify and support individuals who are passionate about our city, the current and future needs of our neighborhoods, and the communities they serve. We need new energy in civic leadership, and it’s up to local citizens to ensure we get it.”

ConnectedSF believes the city can achieve sustainable and meaningful progress by fostering an environment where community members are actively involved in addressing local issues. The organization aims to continue building a platform where diverse voices are heard and actively contribute to shaping San Francisco’s future.
“We’ve accomplished so much in our first few years of existence. Between leading the charge for establishing legal districts in 2022, responding to numerous community needs across the City, and being consistent proponents for public safety, there’s been no shortage of success thanks to the highly engaged members of our neighborhood groups,” said Hurabiell. “In 2024, our big-picture focus is to restore good governance and balance to San Francisco. We will continue to vocally support public safety initiatives and quality public education, as well as work to return SF to the vital and thriving economy we know it can be.”

As ConnectedSF formally launches this initiative, it encourages residents, community leaders, and stakeholders to join together in building a network of engaged citizens committed to creating a safer and stronger San Francisco.

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About Connected
ConnectedSF is a local organization dedicated to promoting stronger communities through civic engagement and an informed citizenry. Founded in 2021, the organization actively supports and nurtures local neighborhood groups engaged in daily problem-solving to address community challenges. ConnectedSF believes in the power of citizen involvement to drive positive change and shape the future of San Francisco. For more information, please visit

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