Cracking the Code on the Decline of the West

WAKE FOREST, N.C., Feb. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Advanced societies solve many types of problems extremely well including for science investigations, technology developments, and product engineering. However, we don’t currently solve adequately another large class of problems related to human activities, and we are getting increasingly worse at solving them. Dr. Barry Borgerson just published his first article, Our Mysterious Problem-Solving Deficiencies, in a series of 12 articles as an invited Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine.

Dr. Klaus Schwab, founder and chair of the World Economic Forum, asserts in his book The Fourth Industrial Revolution that advanced societies are at a major technology-driven inflection point. However, he also notes we are stuck in “non-disruptive thinking” that may block us from taking advantage of these technologies. Schwab then points out that we don’t have the necessary “social models” or “institutional frameworks” to diffuse the technologies effectively. This article explains why we cannot currently manage our social models and institutional frameworks as successfully as we manage our technologies.

“The World Is Changing Before Our Eyes, and We Can’t Do Anything to Stop It,” said Nic Robertson, CNN’s international diplomatic editor (November 3, 2018). “We are watching [the growing political chaos in the West], aware of what’s happening, but without seeing a way to hold it back.” You will find out in Borgerson’s Brainz article the underlying mental nature of our growing political dysfunction. Future articles will show a way to solve chronic business and political problems and many others.     

We can reverse many deteriorating activities in the West but not if we try to solve them one problem at a time. Human nature creates hidden perceptual “lenses” that cause us to have powerful realities (including assertions, assumptions, theories, certainties, “truths”) “in here” (that is, in our mind) that sometimes do not correspond to realities “out there” (that is, in the world outside of our mind). These articles will model directly that elusive and often self-deceptive part of the mind, which we currently refer to indirectly in many ways including “paradigm,” “worldview,” “culture,” “weltanschauung,” the “box,” “cult,” and “status quo.”

Our automatic perceptual lenses block our increasing needs to conquer technology-caused “soft” success factors in business such as leadership development including methodical capabilities to transform counterproductive behaviors and to change cultures rapidly. This mysterious part of the mind also controls technology-enabled vulnerability to populist simplistic solutions and disinformation including Big Lies in politics. Additionally, understanding and managing the same part of the mind will create new possibilities to overcome such chronic problems as drug addictions and high prisoner recidivism.

Dr. Borgerson’s Brainz Magazine articles will enable you to learn the fundamentally elusive and illusive aspects of human nature that cause so many types of debilitating problems and to acquire a different type of capability to conquer the ones that affect you, your family, your career, your company, and even your country.

Barry Borgerson


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