Critical Race Theory Advocates Exposed in First Ever Searchable Online Database

HARRISONBURG, Va., Aug. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Alex Phillips, the Founder of the Great American Patriot Project, which aims to elect America First candidates at the federal level, has launched a database to track Critical Race Theorists across America. Called the Expose Critical Race Theory Project, the effort has already tracked thousands of educators and community activists in the United States, down to their city and state. 

Phillips is also the Founder and CEO of the American Priority, which holds its annual #AMPFest gathering at Trump National Doral every October. 

In addition to users being able to check the thousands of names already in the database, they are also able to report CRT in their own communities. The information was sourced from the original database of Critical Race Theorists from a petition in support of CRT published online by The Zinn Project, an offshoot of an educational non-profit with anarchist and socialist roots.

"The idea for this effort came after a leftist educational non-profit with anarchist and marxists roots released the results of their online petition to send Critical Race Theory into our schools. Those who signed the petition were made aware that this data would be made public, so we are not revealing private information in any way. The list includes educators, school administrators, college professors, and community activists lobbying for CRT," said Phillips.

"We intend on thoroughly reviewing all new submissions and relying on publicly available data to match them to the verified identities of real people. The parents of America deserve to know if their children’s minds are being poisoned by the racist ideologies that are part of Critical Race Theory," said Phillips.

"Over the next few months, we have set a goal of raising $250,000 to do a nationwide petition of teachers to identify who supports and who opposes critical race theory," concluded Phillips. 

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SOURCE Great American Patriot Project