Cuban Republican Caucus of Monroe County Florida Endorses KW Miller for Congress in Florida’s 28th District

MIAMI, May 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Cuban Republican Caucus of Monroe County Florida has endorsed KW Miller for Congress in Florida’s 28th district. The Cuban Caucus represents business owners and entrepreneurs who contribute significant economic revenue, employment and goodwill in Monroe County Florida.

The America First Political Committee Chairman KW Miller is running in Florida’s newly created 28th Congressional District which includes a portion of southwestern Dade County and all of Monroe County Florida. 

KW Miller embraces his Spanish heritage and fully supports the Cuban American Community. He will continue will promote policies and laws to allow the Cuban community to continue to achieve the American Dream.

Americans from Spanish heritage should never forget why they and their families came to the United States. Socialism is where people become enslaved to the liberal elites.

KW Miller wants to lift the blockade against Cuba, but does not want to help the Communist Government of Cuba. We must first remove Socialist RINO Democrats like Carlos Gimenez from Congress to advance Cuba policy in Florida’s 28th Congressional District and nationally.

The meaning of the Cuban Flag has significant historical meaning. The blue stripes represent the three Cuban districts at the time the flag was designed. The white stripes represent purity. The triangle is an equality symbol. The colors reflect those of the American flag.

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