Dan Rodimer Releases “Heart-wrenching” Campaign Ad Highlighting “Uncovered” Murders on Texas Border, Releases Angel Act

MANSFIELD, Texas, April 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Republican Big Dan Rodimer, running for Texas’s Congressional District 6 (TX-06), released a “heart wrenching” campaign ad highlighting the stories of Angel Moms on the southern border. The video opens with Angel Mom Sabina Coulter saying, “Open borders stole my son.”

“The heart-wrenching murders of American citizens by criminal illegal immigrants that should not be in our country often go uncovered in the media. It’s time that we start putting American citizens first and codifyTrump’s Remain in Mexico policy into the law. After meeting the Angel Moms at our southern border, I want to call it the Angel Act,” said Dan Rodimer.

Rodimer proposes the Angel Act in the video as the solution to the border crisis. He named it after the Angel Moms that he met at the border last month and its desired goal is to “codify Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy into law.”

The Rodimer campaign believes that “Open Border” policies – like those put in place in January by President Biden’s administration – put Americans at risk and undid all the good work that former President Trump did to slow illegal immigration.

One Angel Mom featured in the video lost her son, who worked with Border Patrol and was a Marine veteran. His life tragically ended when he was ambushed by illegal immigrants and murdered. The men had criminal records and had been deported multiple times. They were driving a stolen vehicle and jumped out and shot the mother and son. A bullet struck her son in the chest and killed him.

Another mother featured in the video lost her son to an illegal alien. He also had a criminal record and was driving an unregistered and uninsured truck. He slammed into the Angel Mom’s son as he was out riding his motorcycle, killing him instantly.

“Four years of progress, just thrown away in a matter of weeks,” said one of the mothers, referring to when Biden took office and signed several executive orders to rescind Trump’s immigration policies.

“Our government has abandoned us, to put our families at risk to appeal to their left-wing base,” says Sarah Rodimer, wife of Dan Rodimer and mother of six, in the video.

“No parent should ever experience the pain of having a child stolen from them. We must protect our communities. That’s why, when I become a Congressman, I will codify President Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy into law. We will call in The Angel Act,” says Dan Rodimer

Sarah adds, “[i]f our government won’t help us, we must help ourselves.”

“I will make America Texas again,” Rodimer says to end the video.

The Rodimer campaign is holding a free wrestling-themed event called “Wrestle for Your Rights.” It will be held on Saturday, April 17, at 4 PM CST at 110 S. Main St. Mansfield, TX 76063. The event will feature Dan Rodimer, CD6 Candidate, and Mayor of Knox County Glenn “Kane” Jacobs, and other former WWE stars. Tickets can be picked up for free here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/wrestle-for-your-rights-a-free-family-event-tickets-148020418055
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