Defcon Products, LLC Announces Patent for TeacherLock 2 -Single Action Unlocking

VENICE, Fla., and FITCHBURG, Mass., Jan. 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — DEFCON Products, LLC, a leading innovator in security solutions, proudly announces the patent approval for its groundbreaking invention – the TeacherLock II, featuring the Emergency Deadbolt Device with Single Action Unlock. This cutting-edge product revolutionizes safety in educational environments, providing an unparalleled level of security and ease of use. The patent, officially issued on January 16, 2023, bears the number 11873664.

The TeacherLock II’s patented technology ensures swift and efficient lockdown procedures in case of emergencies, enhancing the safety protocols in schools, places of worship, professional buildings, hospitals, and other institutions. “We are thrilled to introduce the TeacherLock II, a testament to DEFCON Products’ commitment to advancing security solutions,” said Salvatore Emma, CEO of DEFCON Products, LLC. “This innovation not only sets a new standard for emergency lockdown devices but also reflects our dedication to creating safer environments for educators and students.” 

Key Features of TeacherLock II:

  1. Emergency Deadbolt Device: Instantly secures classrooms in emergency situations, fortifying the safety of occupants. 
  2. Single Action Unlock: Streamlines the unlocking process, allowing for quick and intuitive response during crises.
  3. UL Tested, Listed, and Labeled: Complies with Building and Fire Code including egress requirements.
  4. Robust Design:  Built with durability in mind, ensuring long-lasting and reliable performance. 

DEFCON Products, LLC invites potential acquirers, investors, and industry stakeholders to explore the immense potential of the TeacherLock II. This revolutionary solution aligns with the increasing demand for enhanced security measures in educational settings. 

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About DEFCON Products, LLC: DEFCON Products, LLC is a leading provider of innovative security solutions, committed to developing cutting-edge technologies that safeguard lives and assets. 

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