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PALO ALTO, Calif., March 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ Etón Corporation (, a leading creator of high-performance, eco-minded consumer products offers an extensive line of Shortwave (Worldband) radios with a legacy that reaches back more than 7 decades.  "From our initial partnership with Grundig in Germany, Eton has carried on Grundig’s 75+ year legacy in developing the best-in-class world band radios." Esmail, CEO of Eton continued, "Eton prides itself on a dedication to design and innovation. Partnerships with Grundig and Drake have ensured top-quality, high-sensitivity engineering. Meanwhile, the visual aspects of Eton’s first in class products are brought to life via collaborations with Porsche Design Studio and Whipsaw Design. Eton’s attention to detail results in our present-day customers experiencing a fit and finish that harkens back to the craftsmanship and quality that began in 1944."

Now, more than ever, access to news and information directly from the source is critical! The world is in a state of turmoil. From the potential of a financial crisis due to inflation, an impending recession, oil demand outstripping supply, and lingering Covid-19 to chaos surrounding the invasion of Ukraine, 2022 is sure to be another challenging year. With Eton’s Worldband Radios you can tune in to radio stations from all over the world. Shortwave broadcasts are in real time, so you are listening to the news and world events as they happen!

The Elite 750 Eton’s flagship radio with its best in its class receiver tuning in every radio wavelength – AM, FM, SW, LW, SSB and VHF Aircraft band. Monitoring such a breadth of frequencies allows the listener to receive news and information directly from the source. Additionally, with its telescoping FM and 360-degree rotating AM antennas, combined with the power of a specially tuned sync detector and single side band the unit can pull in even the weakest of signals. Learn more about the Elite 750 and Eton’s full line of Shortwave radios and Preparedness products at

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For more than 36 years, Etón’s vision has been to create consumer products that keep people prepared, informed, entertained, and on-the-go. Our commitment to high design, efficient energy sources and innovative technologies enables us to create award-winning products that empower you, in your world.

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