Discover the Essence of Chile: Chilean Pisco’s Rich Flavors Unveiled in New York City

Event hosted by Pisco Chile and ProChile

NEW YORK, June 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — New York City, the nation’s cocktail trendsetter, hosted a celebration of Chilean culture and spirits with the “Discover Chilean Pisco Trade Event” on Wednesday, June 26th. Set in the popular bar-restaurant Le Louis, this event immersed trade and media in the unique attributes of Chilean pisco.

Pisco Chile and ProChile designed the event to introduce trade and media professionals to Chilean pisco’s distinct qualities and unique flavors. Expert Market Research (EMR) reported earlier this year that the global pisco market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6% between 2024 and 2032 to reach a value of nearly USD 1128.10 million by 2032. Pisco’s rising popularity can be attributed to the burgeoning global cocktail culture and the growing appreciation for artisanal and premium spirits. This trend is particularly evident in North America, where consumers increasingly seek unique, high-quality spirits. New York City provided an ideal backdrop for this event, reflecting the city’s influence on national and global cocktail trends.

Top producers presented their piscos, shared craft-production methods, and their unique histories, unveiling what makes Chilean pisco a standout on the global spirits stage. The event featured a Tasting Experience from renowned producers including Pisco Curu, Pisquera Cogoti, Pisquera de Chile, Pisquera Tulahuen, Pisquera Bauza, CAPEL, and El Gobernador. Each producer offered a distinct perspective on Chilean pisco and presented a signature cocktail highlighting the versatility of their spirit. Cocktails include;

  • Pisco Mule: Pisco Cogoti, ginger beer, lime
  • Pisco de Playa: Pisco Waqar, pineapple, strawberry, lemon juice, vanilla syrup
  • Elqui Lemonade: Pisco Capel, lemonade, berry, ginger ale
  • Pisco Punch: Pisco El Gobernador, pineapple, lemon juice, simple syrup
  • The Encumbrado: Pisco Bauzá, grapefruit, Drambuie
  • Pisco-groni: A pisco Mistral 40 negroni
  • The Sanhattan: A pisco Curu Manhattan-style cocktail inspired by the nickname “Sanhattan,” reflecting Chile’s capital, Santiago’s, Manhattan-like ambitions.

The event celebrated Chile’s national spirit and its significance in Chilean culture. Strong attendance and enthusiastic feedback indicated a keen desire for education about Chilean pisco and its unique attributes.

“We are thrilled to be introducing Chilean Pisco and its history in one of the world’s trendsetting cities. Chile is proud of our national spirit, our icon of celebrations, and the role Pisco plays in everyday Chilean culture and our heritage. At this event, we showcased different styles and a variety of cocktails, and are humbled by the positive response from valued members of the industry. We look forward to continuing to introduce the diversity and versatility of Chilean Pisco to members of the trade and consumers,” said Claudio Escobar, Manager of Pisco Chile.

“The event held in NY within the framework of Vinexpo is a continuation of the effort made by the Association of Pisqueros of Chile together with ProChile to position Chilean pisco in one of the priority markets for the industry,” added Andrea Sapag, Trade Commissioner of Chile in New York.

About Pisco Chile:
Pisco Chile is the Pisco Trade Association of Chile dedicated to supporting, promoting and celebrating Chilean pisco and Pisco producers, fostering appreciation for its unique qualities and rich heritage.

About ProChile:
ProChile is the Chilean government’s institution responsible for promoting exports of goods and services and contributing to the country’s economic growth. Our mission is to contribute to Chile´s sustainable development, through the internationalization processes and the promotion of goods and services offered. Through a network of highly specialized and committed people from our regional and international offices, ProChile supports the diversification of the country´s exports for the promotion of inclusive foreign trade that incorporates the gender perspective, the attraction of foreign investment and tourism, all of which contribute to and strengthen the country’s image.

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