Fenomy System Foundation Presents A Promising Ecosystem for Personal and Commercial Safety in Real Life

SEATTLE, Nov. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — At an International Summit in Dubai, the Fenomy System Foundation team publicly introduced the Fenomy ecosystem for the first time. The team had been working in closed development for 3 years. At the event, the project gained attention and interest from the professionals and companies alike.

The Fenomy Foundation’s mission is to create an environment and tools for the effective and reliable use of horizontal connections of people and devices in real life, primarily for safety and security, but also to solve diverse tasks.

Fenomy enables you to design tools to ensure personal and family safety, particularly in critical situations where life and well-being are at risk. There are a variety of tools that can be developed using the Fenomy platform, ranging from domestic to commercial, coordinating interaction between groups of people on-site, members creating tasks for each other, business process management, financial instruments and much more. Fenomy offers a unique algorithm for forming loyal ties and circles among system users using the concept of personal loyalty.

Fenomy handles the following issues:

Real life safety management of family and loved ones. The technology allows you to request emergency aid from your loyalty circles as well as set up a protective perimeter.

Problems in the field of public safety. Security at public events and infrastructure facilities can be organized using the system tools.

Accident avoidance in a natural environment.
   – tracking visitor movements in reserves and parks
   – tourist groups and outdoor athletes safety
   – natural disaster mitigation

Business protection and growth. Solutions for company and customer engagement, business promotion tools, CRM capabilities.

Management of complex systems interactions for “smart” devices.
   – designing security systems for commercial properties
   – secure area perimeter control
   – unmanned device management

Fenomy features

Anonymity. Participants are not required to provide personal information such as their name, email address, or phone number. No direct contact between participants.

Autonomy. The technology will be able to operate in private networks without Internet access. The system can be used without smart devices.

Loyalty and trust. The system employs a unique concept for forming loyalty circles among system participants while keeping anonymity. Members and group reputation is a crucial component of the ecosystem.

Dependability and security. Decentralization. All operations are verified using a proprietary secure Blockchain. Generally, the principle of transferring instructions rather than data is used.

Self-sufficiency. Regardless of the total number of participants in the system, the system is self-sufficient at the participant and circle levels.

The ecosystem tools can be used to build commercial businesses as well as partner projects based on the Fenomy ecosystem.

At this time, the team is working on partner projects:

– Public Dispatch – a community of people that are ready to accept calls and alarms from strangers or those who do not have any loyal connections.
– «Reputation» plugin that is based on the algorithms of how reputation is calculated in the ecosystem for e-commerce.
– Alarm via satellite – asking for help in critical situations from anywhere in the world.

The Fenomy System Foundation is a self-funded international organization made up of individuals and businesses. The Fenomy ecosystem is being developed as a non-commercial product that is open to the public and completely free use, with no restrictions or requirements.

If you are interested in finding out more about this project, want to help with testing or try it out for yourself, we encourage you to visit the website or contact the team directly.

Ekaterina Krivencheva Website: www.fenomy.com
Tel: +3197010281404
Email: 349671@email4pr.com

SOURCE Fenomy System Foundation