Former FBI Official and Political Operative Open Lid on FBI Decline

PALISADES, N.Y., Oct. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The FBI’s decline from public perception as the world’s premier law and order organization was precipitous – from the virtual good guys to political opportunists, seemed to happen overnight. But was it overnight?  Terry Turchie, the former FBI official who caught the Unabomber and a host of high profile criminals, and Don Bracken, a former Democratic Party official who knows and ran a lot of political campaigns, says it was not overnight but it had to happen; the ugly hand of politics got into it and rubbed the Bureau the wrong way. It was set up for decline. That ugly hand is examined in their online journal in which names are named, political and Bureau too. Senators Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Charles Grassley of Iowa are specifically cited as well as FBI Director Robert Mueller and others in the FBI.

In addition to his capture of the Unabomber, Terry Turchie was well known inside the Bureau for his effective work as Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI’s Counter terrorism Division and his work dealing with the Soviet spy ring operating out of the United Nations and the Communist Party USA headquartered in New York City. Don Bracken was active in the Democratic Party in New York and directed several political campaigns for Democratic politicians in the New York City suburban area.

Terry Turchie and Don Bracken are also the co-authors of In Their Own Words subtitled The Democratic Party’s Push For A Communist America which was published in February, 2020 and opened on Amazon and Barnes and as Best Sellers. It was published by History Publishing Company LLC.

Don Bracken

SOURCE Terry Turchie and Don Bracken

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