Fraudely Empowers Small and Medium Businesses to Affordably And Immediately Protect Against Phishing Attacks

ATLANTA, June 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Fraudely, a phishing safety provider focused on protecting small and medium businesses (SMBs) from phishing scams, announced a low-cost, setup-free solution to enable SMBs to immediately protect their employees against phishing attacks.

Phishing scams remain one of the most prevalent cyber threats, costing businesses billions of dollars annually. These attacks attempt to trick employees into revealing sensitive information or clicking malicious links that can compromise entire networks.

“SMBs are targeted by phishers because they often lack the resources, the infrastructure, and the training to recognize and stop phishing attacks,” says Mike Guardalabene, Founder at Fraudely. “Phishing attacks often involve researching individual employees to find a way to manipulate them. When a company joins Fraudely, their employees will gain access to our on-demand phishing experts who are trained in spotting phishing attempts. Whenever an employee receives a suspicious email, they simply forward it to Fraudely and our experts will analyze it for phishing risk so employees don’t have to, taking the burden off of them to be responsible for phishing prevention. Plus, we keep employees up-to-date on phishing attempts that other customers have experienced so that our network of customers can learn from each other. Whether one employee or one thousand, Fraudely can help protect your employees and your company.”

Fraudely’s anti-phishing solution includes:

  • On-demand safety checks by phishing experts: Employees simply forward suspicious emails to Fraudely for our team to analyze and report back.
  • Real-time updates on new phishing scams: Fraudely shares examples of real-world phishing scams that other businesses have seen in order to educate all of our customers on the latest phishing scams so they can be ready.
  • Easy to use: Fraudely operates solely via email. There’s no new websites to learn nor passwords to remember.
  • Built-in privacy: Fraudely only analyzes emails that are forwarded to us. Fraudely does not have access to any other data or integrate with any existing systems.

“By combining these elements, we create a multi-layered defense that significantly reduces the risk of a successful phishing attack,” says Mike Guardalabene. “Fraudely empowers SMBs to equip their employees with expert resources that are not typically available to them so that they too can feel protected.”

Fraudely’s anti-phishing prevention only costs $4.99/month/employee.

About Fraudely

Fraudely is a trusted cybersecurity partner for small and medium businesses. We offer expert phishing protection that can start immediately, providing your employees with a worry-free, easy-to-use solution that helps them protect themselves and your company from phishing attacks.

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