HaulHub Technologies Launches the EDOT Platform

BOSTON, Dec. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — HaulHub Technologies, a trailblazer in public works construction technology solutions, is proud to announce the official launch of the EDOT platform (https://www.e-dot.com/). EDOT brings together a comprehensive suite of features that redefine roadway construction management, and sustainability. 

EDOT’s journey began with the e-Ticketing solution, DOT e-Ticketing™, which laid the foundation for the EDOT platform. Building on the success of e-Ticketing, now deployed across nearly 40 state transportation agencies in the United States, HaulHub Technologies has expanded its capabilities to encompass a wide range of agency management needs. The EDOT platform, from humble beginnings, is now evolving into the ultimate platform companion for the public works sector.

The EDOT platform builds off the genesis of e-Ticketing into new areas such as work zone safety, scheduling, vendor submittals, environmental product tracking, compliance reporting and enhanced digital inspection. Below are just a few of the features that will be available through the EDOT platform. 

Connected Machinery: The ability to be able to read data from machines working on roadway projects enhances the ability to oversee and manage construction projects effectively including real-time work zone alert broadcasting, automated roadway documentation creation, and improved project efficiency.

Digital As-Builts: The positioning of installed materials, structures and utilities are being embedded into finalized construction maps, and linked to the corresponding digital material submittals.

Digital Material Submittals: The inclusion of material vendor partners to participate in the DOT digitization process by allowing digital submissions of product cut sheets, certificates of compliance, delivery and analysis.

The EDOT platform is designed to meet the evolving needs of DOT agencies while also catering to the demands of contractors who are eager for a direct and collaborative link with these agencies in future projects.  Communication and cooperation between owner and contractor sets the stage for a future where collaboration and transparency prevail throughout the project lifecycle, rendering the antiquated one-way data flow systems of the past obsolete.


HaulHub is committed to investing in innovative, forward-thinking solutions to reduce the barriers to entry of modern e-Construction practices for all project stakeholders. Working in collaboration with state transportation agencies, construction material producers, and contractors nationwide, HaulHub rapidly develops and deploys solutions to accelerate the journey to full digital project delivery across the transportation construction sector.  Please visit https://www.e-dot.com/ to learn more.

Michael Gallant


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SOURCE HaulHub Technologies