Heroic First Responder’s Legacy: Double the Impact of Your Contribution with The ‘Jonas’ Match for New Ambulances for The War in Israel

Katz Family Launches Bergen Donate to Raise Funds for Ambulance Efforts

TEANECK, N.J., Oct. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In a heartrending series of events in 2022, the Katz family of Teaneck, alongside other generous families from the United States, successfully raised funds to donate an ambulance to Magen David Adom (MDA), the primary ambulance and blood agency in Israel. However, on October 7th, a day marred by the tragic Hamas terrorist attack on Israel, the Katz family received devastating news: their donated ambulance was driven by Aharon Chaimov, a 25-year-old senior EMT, who tragically became one of the initial casualties of the attack.” Elie Y. Katz, CEO and Founder of www.nrsplus.com, was deeply shaken by the event and pondered the odds of such a tragedy involving their specific donated ambulance. Motivated by this incident and the heroic deeds of Aharon, the Katz family is now resolved to raise funds for another ambulance. Their efforts are receiving a significant boost as another family, Natalie & Davidi Jonas, have committed to matching all donations, ensuring that the funds raised will make twice the impact.

The Katz Family asks for support for this ambulance effort and launches Bergen Donate at www.bergendonate.com.

Aharon, a dedicated individual who began his journey with MDA as a volunteer and quickly rose to Senior EMT and ambulance driver, left behind a grieving family, including two children, a wife, and other close relatives. During his commendable four-year tenure with MDA, Aharon was known for his unwavering commitment to the patients and wounded. Whether being the community’s go-to ambulance driver on weekends or being the first to respond to emergency calls, his empathy and dedication stood out. This commitment was evident even on that fateful day when, despite the surprise attack, Aharon rushed to assist those in need.

Eli Bin, MDA’s Director General, remembered Aharon as someone for whom “the welfare of others and the value of human life always came first.”

MDA Ofakim Station Manager Danny Shtarkman honored Aharon’s memory: “A professional in every sense, beloved at our station, and a man dedicated to saving lives, Aharon’s tragic end while on duty, bound to treat the injured is a loss we deeply mourn. May his memory always inspire us.”

To contribute to this noble cause and honor Aharon Chaimov’s legacy, please visit http://bergendonate.com. Your support can help save countless lives in the future.

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