Industry Leaders Establish First-in-Nation 24/7 Remote Drug Testing Service

ABK Remote Drug Testing and Micro-Distributing Announce Strategic Alliance

INDIANAPOLIS, Feb. 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ABK Remote Drug Testing, Inc., owner of eRAMx™ Live Remote Drug Testing, and Micro-Distributing, Inc., announce the formation of a strategic alliance. Effective Jan. 1, 2024, the companies offer the first and only 24/7 live remote drug testing service in the United States.

The alliance will allow professionally proctored oral fluid drug tests to be conducted on demand, 24/7. The eRAMx patented technology delivers immediate electronic results via a secure two-way audiovisual connection. The Micro-Distributing nationwide team of trained virtual testing proctors provides full chain-of-custody data, concierge confirmation services, and drug testing kit shipments.

This offering comes in direct response to the needs of HR professionals seen and heard throughout the country. “We have met with senior-level decision makers in both private and public sectors over the past four years,” eRAMx Sr. Vice President, Jeff Milner, said. “Their pain points are consistent. They need accurate, 24/7 results available instantly.”

“This strategic alliance offers a solution for one of the most difficult situations in drug testing — the 2 AM post-accident, reasonable suspicion, or worksite access call,” Micro-Distributing COO, David Wilks, said. “It’s also a great option for random drug testing and other scheduled testing events”

The acceptance of virtual drug testing proctoring services has grown immensely in recent years. The outbreak of COVID-19 forced public and private sectors to rethink their day-to-day drug testing policies. In addition, the 2023 DOT ruling has validated the science of oral fluid testing as a reliable and efficient alternative to urine drug testing.

“eRAMx delivers powerful outcomes — including speed-to-hire and increased job site productivity — for our clients nationwide. We are very excited to work with Micro-Distributing to deliver these results twenty-four hours a day,” Milner said.

About ABK Remote Drug Testing, Inc. 
ABK Remote Drug Testing, Inc., founded in 2010, is a full-service drug testing collection service using Oral Fluid, (saliva), DNA, Hair, and Urine testing. The company was awarded Patent No.: 8,617,066 B2 in December 2013 specific to an Automated Interactive Drug Testing System. The patented technology is now marketed under the brand name eRAMx. The patent granted was the first of its kind awarded in the United States for live remote drug testing.

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About Micro-Distributing, Inc.
Micro Distributing (MD) is a drug and alcohol testing company, providing comprehensive solutions to drug testing programs for employers, federally regulated employers, criminal justice systems, behavioral health providers, healthcare providers, laboratories, and schools for 23 years. MD is a licensed medical device distributor and home to the STATTEST® brand of instant test kits for urine (STATCUP®), saliva (STATSWAB®), and the first instant hair test (STATHAIR®) on the market. MD operates a full-service Third-Party Administrator (TPA) service to include a nationwide network of collection sites, mobile collectors, and virtual test proctors, certified laboratory testing (urine, blood, saliva, hair, nails, sweat), medical review officer (MRO) services, random selection, training, State and Federal (DOT) drug testing law compliance and consulting, DOT Consortium, and drug testing management software (STATWARE™). MD is now offering 24/7 live remote drug testing, utilizing eRAMx™ technology and a team of trained virtual testing proctors.  

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