Inspect Point Launches UL-C Canadian Standards Workflow

TROY, N.Y., July 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Inspect Point is pleased to announce the addition of UL-C standards and codes for fire protection. The UL-C codes and standards are utilized in Canada to ensure safety and compliance of fire protection systems, specifically in the fire alarm market.

UL-C Standards is accredited as a Standards Development Organization by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC), a federal Crown corporation that oversees Canada’s National Standards System. In Canada, standards are developed through consensus by balanced committees of stakeholders, and subjected to public review, prior to publication.

Jennifer Doyle, Co-founder and VP of Customer Success for Inspect Point said, "We are applying the same detailed knowledge and dedicated expertise to the Canadian codes and standards that we do to the US codes. Working closely with Canadian companies to ensure the product flow, questions, and reporting, meet their needs is how we approached the development of the NFPA portion of our product, as well. Since our customers are the ones in the field, and living and breathing these inspections, there is no one better to help build out our features and offerings!"

The addition of the UL-C standards to the Inspect Point platform help to not only expand our offerings globally, but offer a best-in-class offering to our Canadian fire alarm customers. Currently, Inspect Point supports both 2004 and 2013, S-536 and S-537 inspections, and will be adding 2019 to our offerings by the end of 2021. In addition, our Engineering team has worked closely to develop several key features that not only help our Canadian customers, but Inspect Point customers as a whole.

"The UL-C guidelines are very strict and our engineering team worked to ensure we created an experience for the technicians that closely mimics the actual UL-C form, but also brings the benefit of technology," Phil Sirigiano, Co-founder and Inspect Point’s VP of Technical Services said. "This includes things streamlining question answers when they can be implied by prior questions, dynamic legend generation, recommendation and remark capture. Additionally, technicians get Inspect Points’ typical deficiency and photo capture on any level of the UL-C application, whether it be a general question, a device, or even additional power supplies. The user can complete their work, and the report we generate is pixel perfect to the official UL-C forms."

About Inspect Point: Inspect Point is a fire protection platform for Inspection and Service used by service contractors and facility managers. Our tools help companies manage their inspections, proposals and dispatching seamlessly through a web portal and mobile app. Featuring a library of built-in NFPA & UL-C templates, Inspect Point was created by industry insiders for the fire industry. As technology advances in fire protection, Inspect Point will be there every step of the way.

Joanne Brown   
Inspect Point

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