Is Our Climate Policy Leading Us Into a Depression?

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, Fla., Sept. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A new book, Oooppps! Climate Change Misconceptions, by energy analyst Edward Rouse Pryor, explains how: (a) greenhouse-gas emissions do not have the climate-forcing power to cause the global temperature changes scientists have been worrying about; (b) current global warming and climate change are caused by a recently recognized systematically-repetitive magnetic feature of the sun which affects earth’s cloud-cover and the amount of solar heat reflected away from earth; and (c) Wind-and-Solar generated electricity will dramatically increase in cost as their penetration of electric supply increases, due to their intermittency—this currently is being obscured by each electrical grid’s reserve-margin, which “covers” for the interruptions during this Wind-and-Solar start-up phase.

All of the impetus to convert from a Fossil to a Wind-and-Solar dominated electricity paradigm comes from a single unproven (and since found to be false) supposition: That global warming and climate change are caused primarily by greenhouse gas emissions from the human-use of fossil fuels. In the late 1990s this supposition was an unconfirmed possibility based on a preliminary physics calculation in 1997. This uncertain calculation then became the main basis for the “Climate Change Decarbonization Movement”—a massive call for ending the use of fossil fuels.

As climate science moved into the 21st century, however, an updated and much-more-valid recalculation in 2014, of the original 1997 physics, found that a doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide content since pre-industrial days would result in only a trivial 0.6°C rise in global temperature, some five times lower than the 3°C consequential rise calculated back in 1997—and the basis for the decarbonization movement. Further, a dual-magnetic-wave feature of the sun which causes a systematically-repetitive slowly-changing earth cloud-cover (and changing global temperature) also was discovered. This also means global temperature, within a few years, will “top-out” and begin to decline.

But the “movement” to decarbonize has become so powerful and the “science” so fixed-in-the-past, that many people have been slow to recognize that what “everyone” thinks is the cause of global warming and climate change (greenhouse gas emissions) is not the primary cause at all, and that a changing dual-magnetic-wave feature of the sun combined with the changing earth cloud-cover that it forces, are indeed the true causes of a changing global temperature and climate.  

Affordable energy is an integral component of our successful free-enterprise highly-diversified economic system. Heat, light, cooking, refrigeration, transportation, entertainment, air conditioning, and products produced and services rendered all require affordable energy. If the price of energy dramatically increases, other, less-necessary components of our economic life will shrink.

A conversion from Fossil to Wind-and-Solar electric supply will result in a progressive, dramatic increase in the cost of electricity of up to three to four, or more times because of the need to provide adequate expensive “fill-in” energy during periods of interruption. Where will the consumer income to pay for electricity that originates from this massively more expensive source come from? Right now it is U.S. government public debt—but this can’t continue—we all know that. Soon these additional costs for Wind-and-Solar energy must be added to the cost of electricity paid for by the consumer.

Now that it is obvious that greenhouse gas emissions are not the primary cause of climate change, there is no longer an anthropogenic climate-crisis, nor a need to reduce the use of fossil fuels. So either we stop this unnecessary very-expensive, forced transition from Fossil to Wind-and-Solar or we begin to pay-the-price.

Eventually, controlled-thermonuclear-fusion, perhaps assissted by geothermal, will phase-in and become our dominant energy source.

If we continue down this incompletely-thought-out, not-thoroughly-vetted, government-incentivized, transformation from a Fossil-dominated to a much-more-expensive Wind-and-Solar-dominated electrical paradigm, the economy simply will not be able to afford such a high proportion of GDP for energy—and the entire USA economic system will decline until it equilibrates at a much-more depressed level.   

The analysis briefly outlined here is more thoroughly characterized in the new BriefBook, Oooppps! Climate Change Misconceptions, written by Edward Rouse Pryor, an experienced engineering and scientific energy analyst, and author of the acclaimed The Climate Change Illusion, published in 2020.

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