KW Miller Will Win Florida’s 18th District Congressional Race

STUART, Fla., Sept. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — KW Miller is clearly uniting the Republican and Independent voters in Florida’s 18th Congressional District. KW Miller represents the new “Independent Conservative” voter. He pledges to join the Congressional House Freedom Caucus when elected.

KW Miller has the support of the “Independent Conservatives,” a large and growing portion of registered Republicans and also a portion of moderate Democratic voters.  Many are projecting KW Miller to win the congressional seat this November due to voters rejecting liberal-leaning challengers Brian Mast and Pam Keith.

After conducting 9 months of extensive “in person” interviews with thousands of voters it has been discovered that a new breed of voter is emerging: the Independent Conservative. These are long-time Republican voters who are denouncing the party’s corrupt and liberal leaning agenda. These voters no longer wish to identify with what they recognize as the Republican in Name Only (RINO) cancer eating away at the party.

Results from these interviews indicate that former and current Republican voters identify more with business executives like Donald Trump and KW Miller. According to Rasmussen Reports, 60% of likely Republican voters are opting out. These disenchanted voters have registered as Independent/No Party Affiliation and are the controlling factor in many swing states including Florida. Currently, over 25% of the registered voters in Florida’s 18th Congressional District are registered as Independent.

The Republican and Democrat parties have seen increasing rates of voters leaving their parties in recent years. In 2016, Donald Trump knocked the dying political parties for a loop by becoming the nation’s first “third-party president.” The new Independent Conservative base showed up at the polls in mass resulting in the election of Trump earning the President’s inherent support and loyalty for this new breed of voter.

In 2016, Florida’s 18th Congressional District reflected this disconnect between party and voter as well. For example, the Republican party in St. Lucie County, Florida did not support Trump’s nomination for the 2016 GOP Presidential Race. They did not support Trump’s nomination for the 2016 GOP presidential Race, which was largely over the dead body of a very hostile Republican establishment. This history has not been lost on President Trump, Congressional Candidate KW Miller or Florida’s 18th District Voters.


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