Learning Ally Honors Senator Denis Baxley and Legislative Aide Debbie Dennis with Lifetime Legislative Champion Award

TALLAHASSEE, Fla., April 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Learning Ally, a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming the lives of struggling readers, proudly presents the Lifetime Legislative Champion Award to Florida Senator Denis Baxley and his esteemed legislative aide, Debbie Dennis.

Learning Ally’s Patrick Brennan, Vice President of Government Relations and CEO, Andrew Friedman, presented the prestigious awards on February 13th in Florida, recognizing their unwavering commitment and exceptional efforts in supporting Learning Ally’s Learning Through Listening funding.

Senator Baxley and Ms. Dennis have demonstrated an enduring dedication to improving educational opportunities for individuals facing language-based learning challenges, particularly those with dyslexia. Learning Through Listening funds have played a crucial role in providing vital resources to struggling readers across the state of Florida.

Learning Ally’s Learning Through Listening initiative is a groundbreaking program that empowers students with alternative learning methods, aiding those who encounter difficulties with traditional reading approaches. The program addresses the unique needs of individuals with dyslexia and other language-based learning challenges, ensuring that they have equal access to educational resources.

Senator Denis Baxley’s and Debbie Dennis’s commitment to the cause has significantly contributed to the success of Learning Ally’s mission. Their tireless advocacy and continuous support have enabled countless students to overcome barriers to learning, fostering an environment of inclusivity and accessibility in education.

The Lifetime Legislative Champion Award serves as a testament to Senator Baxley’s and Ms. Dennis’s outstanding contributions to the education sector and their dedication to creating a positive impact on the lives of struggling readers throughout Florida.

Learning Ally expresses heartfelt gratitude to Senator Denis Baxley and Debbie Dennis for their exemplary service, leadership, and commitment to advancing educational opportunities for all. Their vision aligns seamlessly with Learning Ally’s mission, and their efforts continue to make a lasting difference in the lives of students with language-based learning disabilities.

For information about Learning Ally and the Lifetime Legislative Champion Award, contact:
Patrick Brennan, Vice President of Government Relations


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