Lehigh County Controller Demands District Attorney Martin Not Put Detectives in Front of Drop Boxes and Cease His Voter Suppression

Controller Exploring Withholding Payments to Detectives Who Surveil Drop Boxes

ALLENTOWN, Pa., April 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On April 26th, District Attorney Jim Martin announced that he would be deploying Lehigh County detectives on primary day, May 17th to surveil drop boxes and prosecute voters dropping off more than one ballot.

It is the opinion of Lehigh County Controller Mark Pinsley, that this amounts to a clear effort to intimidate and suppress voters, and dissuade many from using drop boxes.

"What is clear is that Jim Martin wants to use taxpayer dollars to play partisan politics, intimidate voters, especially voters of color in Allentown, and lend further credence to the Big Lie about widespread fraud in our election system. I won’t stand for it," said Lehigh County Controller Mark Pinsley.

The Controller is not alone in these assessments. There have been numerous articles detailing the many forms of voter fraud from statewide officials, major publications and advocacy organizations.

"DA Martin said he was putting voters on notice. It’s time someone put Jim Martin on notice," said Controller Pinsley.

Controller Pinsley is exploring all legal and procedural options within in his purview under Section 503 of the Lehigh County Home Rule Charter, to halt DA Martin’s flagrant efforts to intimidate voters using his office.

"We are looking at the legality of withholding the pay of detectives who take part in these brazen suppression tactics. Jim should be focused on real crimes such as gun homicides and gun violence, but would rather waste our tax dollars pushing the dangerous Republican lie that mail voting and drop boxes have corrupted our election," said Controller Pinsley.

Recently, Senate Republicans led, by State Senator Pat Browne have taken steps to remove ballot drop boxes.

Controller Pinsley warmed against a highly coordinated plan to undermine democracy locally.

"It’s pretty easy to connect the dots, the Lehigh County Republican Chair requests an investigation into drop boxes, a county-wide Republican DA opposed to drop boxes does their bidding, and days later Senator Browne and Republicans pass legislation to get rid of drop boxes.¬† It’s time Lehigh County officials stand-up for voting," said Pinsley.

Act 77 established no-excuse absentee balloting with bi-partisan support, but has since become the source of Republican anger.

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SOURCE Lehigh County Controller’s Office