Lightsense Technology and ARETE Associates Join Forces to Bring Multi-Spectral Solutions with Machine Learning to the Threat Detection Market

TUCSON, Ariz., Jan. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Lightsense Technology, Inc. a pioneer of developing multi-spectral solutions to address large problems in public health—from the opioid crisis to the pandemic and food safety —announced today a new partnership with a leader in the military threat detection and reduction arena (Areté Associates),  to help develop advanced multi-spectral technology based on Lightsense’s patented Enhanced Photodetection Spectroscopy (EPS) technology, along with Arete’s advanced Machine Learning (ML) and analysis capabilities, to better serve the threat detection needs of the US Government.

"We are very excited to partner with Lightsense Technology with their innovative multi-spectral EPS solution for the chemical and biological threat detection arena. When we combine this with Areté’s advanced Machine Learning capabilities, along with our longtime signal and image processing expertise, we can bring a truly unique and powerful solution to bear on this important segment," said Scott McGill, Sr Manager& Business Area Lead for Force Protection at Areté.

EPS technology was shown to provide extraordinary capability to detect biologics in a recent research project sponsored by the DLA, where Lightsense’s EPS techniques not only showed that it could quickly detect and identify viruses (including coronavirus causing Covid-19) in human saliva, and could even distinguish between inactive and active (living) viruses, something standard PCR technology cannot do.

"We are pleased to team with Areté to bring our combined unique and valuable solutions to this important and emerging area of threat detection" said Terje Skotheim, Founder & CEO of Lightsense Technology. "This is the start of a long but rewarding path to turn our individual advanced efforts in R&D into truly breakthrough solutions that combine our complementary strengths in creating unique solutions that can help make our country safer from these complex biological and chemical threats".

About Lightsense Technology
Lightsense has developed groundbreaking multi-spectral technology platforms, such as the patented "Enhanced Photodetection Spectroscopy" (EPS), a radical new spectroscopy architecture, for chemical, molecular and pathogen identification. Their advanced miniaturized high-sensitivity spectrometer designs also enable new lightweight and inexpensive handheld devices to support solutions for governments, law enforcement organizations, and beyond. These devices can address critical analytical and detection problems in a wide range of large vertical markets in public health, such as rapid detection of illicit drugs, rapid screening for viral/bacterial pathogens, and monitoring bacterial pathogens in various parts of the food supply chain. Please visit  ,  or call 1-888-736-7349

Areté is a high technology company that integrates innovation throughout capability creation from scientific discovery, through rapid development and prototyping, to reliable production and delivery of finished hardware, software or integrated systems. Areté provides intelligent, real-time, low size, weight, and power, sensing solutions that detect weak signals in heavy clutter with high confidence from Seafloor to Space. Founded in 1976, Areté is a U.S. employee-owned small business with over 350 employees. For more information, visit

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