Lightsense Technology and Strategic Group International Join Forces to Bring “DrugDetect” to LEO Market

TUCSON, Ariz., Dec. 20, 2021  /PRNewswire/ Lightsense Technology, a pioneer of developing multi-spectroscopic solutions to address large problems in public health—from the opioid crisis to the pandemic, food safety and quality assurance in the pharmaceutical supply chain, —announced today a new strategic partnership to promote its DrugDetect platform devices for law enforcement organizations throughout North America.

"We are very happy to announce this partnership with Lightsense Technology, with their innovative solutions for illicit drug detection for law enforcement," said Lenny Lemer Muñiz, CEO of Strategic Group International, LLC ("SGI"). "The DrugDetect family of products, beginning with the DD-M1 for methamphetamine, will help law enforcement officers to do their job better and more safely, and we are proud to be a part of the team promoting these new solutions. The DrugDetect unit is ground-breaking in its portability and utility. It stands alone!" 

The DrugDetect platform provides a solution that is easy to operate and offers great sensitivity with high levels of accuracy at a moderate price point. This platform can help with the difficult opioid epidemic by providing a new tool for law enforcement to tell quickly, if a white powdery substance inside a thin plastic bag could be a threat, helping them do their job efficiently and with less exposure to possible harm.

"We are thrilled to be working with SGI and their experienced former law enforcement professionals, to better engage this market and need, to help our country’s growing opioid epidemic and related issues," remarked Bruce Berkoff, CMO of Lightsense Technology. "The DrugDetect platform is the first embodiment of our breakthrough spectroscopic techniques and technology, and we could not imagine a better partner to help us introduce these products to the police and related communities in law enforcement."

About Lightsense Technology
Lightsense has developed a groundbreaking multi-spectral technology platform, such as the patented "Enhanced Photodetection Spectroscopy" (EPS), a radical new spectroscopy architecture, for chemical, molecular and pathogen identification. Their advanced miniaturized high-sensitivity spectrometer designs also enable new lightweight and inexpensive handheld devices to support solutions such as for law enforcement organizations, and beyond. These devices can address critical analytical and detection problems in a wide range of large vertical markets in "public health," such as rapid detection of illicit drugs, rapid screening for viral/bacterial pathogens, and monitoring bacterial pathogens in various parts of the food supply chain. For more information, visit, or call 1-888-736-7349.

About Strategic Group International (SGI)
Strategic Group International, LLC provides experienced law enforcement and federal programs experts, who assist public agencies in crime reduction and threat response in their communities. SGI also provides its Private Sector clients with guidance throughout the process of planning and executing homeland security and critical business operational tasks, and in a variety of security and preparedness related programs, to include crisis management. SGI also acts as an advisor to the United States Department of State, in support of various Mexico based law enforcement advisory and training programs. SGI is securing cities across the globe, one community at a time. See

Media contact: Bruce Berkoff, CMO Lightsense Technology,
, 1-888-736-7349, ext. 701

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