Louder.ai Launches “Political Ads Powered by the People”

Platform Already Being Used by PACs and Candidates for US Congress

NEW YORK, July 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Louder.ai (www.louder.ai), a new, disruptive political and not-for-profit advertising technology platform, has announced that ads initially funded by a candidate, political action committee or any other cause can now "go viral" when supporters donate directly to the ad’s budget with the click of a button after seeing it online. 

"We have launched a patent-pending, easy-to-use ad tech platform that essentially straps a booster rocket to any ad," said Louder.ai CEO William Gorfein. "The booster rocket gets refueled by supporters who see the digital ads and donate directly to fund the ad itself. That means that instead of an ad relying on its original budget to make a splash, the ad can continue to generate impressions. It’s another way people can really get behind candidates, causes and messages they believe in. And we believe that Louder can be a significant factor in close political races where every advertising dollar matters."

Louder.ai’s advertising technology platform equips every ad with the ability to "go further," Gorfein added. "Now, the only question is, ‘Do you want to launch ads that rely on your original ad budget, or do you want to spend the very same budget on ads that can be refueled by every single person who sees them?’"

The initial seed funding for Louder.ai came from Proactive Capital Partners, a leading, New York-based institutional fund with a focus on high growth investments. Additional seed funding came from the Softeq Venture Studio, a Houston-based early stage investment fund founded by software pioneer and serial entrepreneur Chris Howard.

We look for innovative and disruptive companies with scalable technologies," said Proactive Co-Founder Jeff Ramson. "Louder is an ideal platform for political candidates, political action committees and not-for-profits to spread their messaging far and wide. Especially given the current political climate, Louder is well positioned to be a major participant at the interface of the advertising and social networking sectors."

Louder.ai used some of its early funding to submit multiple patent applications to protect its business processes and technology and to retain Attorney Scott Thomas, the former Federal Elections Commissioner for the Reagan, Bush and Clinton Administrations, as counsel. The Advisory Board includes Bret Siarkowski, one of the founders of Causemo, the not-for-profit data analytics company later acquired by The Pursuant Group.

"We feel that Louder will become part of the fabric of political and cause-based advertising of every kind, around the world," Will Gorfein said. "We’re building this company for speed, but also for the lasting value it will bring to candidates, campaigns, causes and individuals. This is a new way for people to speak their minds—by putting their money behind ads that say what they believe."

Will Gorfein