Machine Inc. Introduces the World’s First Digital Pistol Holster

CROZET, Va., April 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Machine Inc. unveiled the new SafeOp Holster, a revolutionary digital pistol holster that easily secures a weapon yet allows it to be unlocked and drawn in under a quarter second.

The key to this technology is a uniquely coded ring worn on the index finger of the authorized User so only this person may draw the sidearm. 

Machine Inc. did not just stop with the holster locking system. Features like movement detection with alert notifications allow the owner to fully customize their firearm experience, all controlled via an intuitive mobile app.

This innovation comes when law enforcement is increasingly targeted by suspects attempting to seize officers’ sidearms. 

The SafeOp Holster is currently being tested with 13 law enforcement departments across the country with the help of the Gun Safety Consortium

Machine Inc. plans to release the holster to the general public, strengthening the continued mission for improved safety, where today, half of America’s nearly 400 million firearms remain unlocked and unsecured.

For more information and an informative video describing SafeOp’s features, visit Machine Inc.

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SOURCE Machine Inc.