Mayoral Candidate Rodney Holt Hopes to Create Economic Harmony

SEATTLE, May 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Mayoral Candidate Rodney Holt Hopes to Create Economic Harmony with the release of his new song, Praise God Everyday.

The song Praise God Everyday will be released Today, Friday 5-10-2021 @3:30pm.

He aims to provide hope for the dispirited and use his voice and music to unite the Seattleite’s during his run for Mayor of Seattle 2021. His new song promotes the power of prayer and praise.

He believes the people of Seattle deserve better they need a representative that fights for their rights. Rodney believes he can help bring a renewed spirit to Seattle. A city he says, “is in need of a more diverse culture, better communication, opportunity, and structure.” His platform will help reduce homelessness, economic inequality and climate catastrophe.  His goal to unite the people of Seattle and bring a new era of economic prosperity during this very perilous time.

Rodney declares in his own words the reason why he’s the best candidate for Mayor of Seattle 2021. The city is in need of a strong leader with values the Seattleites can believe in.  I’ve spent most of my life in the service of the American people. I’m a Minister, Military war veteran and founder of the nonprofit public charity Balance Due. I’m a man of strong faith, dispensing spiritual strength, encouragement and hope every day to get people through these very tumultuous times. I understand what it takes to work under very intense and stressful situations and still perform at an ideal rate. My goal, to coalesce the different business factions and communicate effective ideas that help break down barriers and build bridges. Lastly, I’m a very unconventional candidate very humble, confident, as real as they come. I’m the guy that cheers for the team nobody expects to win. I’m optimistic we can achieve economic harmony by creating a more equitable and just economy with opportunity for all. But we can only do that with the monetary support of the American people.

Source: Rodney Holt for Mayor

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