Melissa Lynn Spence Steps Up for State Assembly District 15, Aiming to Revitalize Las Vegas, Nevada

LAS VEGAS, June 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Melissa Lynn Spence, a seasoned businesswoman with a rich history of community involvement, announces her candidacy for State Assembly District 15, promising a fresh start for Las Vegas. Spence, whose entrepreneurial spirit was stifled by restrictive COVID-19 policies, is determined to address the city’s escalating challenges under the current administration.

Under the tenure of incumbent Howard Watts III, District 15 has witnessed a surge in crime, homelessness, and educational controversies, including the introduction of same-sex bathrooms in elementary schools. Spence argues that such policies divert essential resources from critical educational needs, like improving literacy rates among children.

Having experienced life and business in various states and abroad, including a transformative three-year stint in Italy, Spence brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to the table. She is committed to leveraging her extensive experience to foster a business-friendly environment, enhance community safety, and ensure educational excellence.

Spence’s vision for Las Vegas includes rolling back policies she views as detrimental, introduced by what she describes as the radical left. She advocates for empowering residents through increased transparency, reducing union harassment, and championing parental rights and school choice. Additionally, she proposes innovative economic measures such as two tax-free weeks to stimulate local commerce. Absolutely, focusing on practical, non-political solutions can significantly enhance city life. By reducing the Clark County Commission’s office’s control, we can streamline decision-making processes, ensuring that actions taken are in the best interest of Las Vegas residents and businesses. Renaming the airport to Las Vegas International Airport not only boosts city pride but also strengthens its brand on a global scale, attracting more tourists and investors. Implementing construction work exclusively at night, within strict time frames, and enforcing rigorous clean-up regulations will address one of the city’s most common grievances. This approach minimizes disruptions during peak traffic hours, enhancing daily commutes and overall quality of life. It’s a strategic move towards a more efficient, resident-friendly urban environment.

As the founder of, and The PAMPERED RESIDENT, Melissa Lynn has already made significant strides in supporting small businesses and workers. Her campaign is a call to action for those who share her belief in a prosperous, vibrant Las Vegas, rooted in community values and economic opportunity.

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