Motown’s Radio Show, The Positive Patriot Announces Musical Message for America: Keep Your Faith in the Blue

DETROIT, Sept. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Keep Your Faith In The Blue is the brainchild of retired Detroit Police Sargent Michael Saunders, who wrote the song as a reminder to everyone that not all police officers are bad, and that the vast majority are hard-working and devoted and go out every day to protect the citizens of their community.

VIDEO LINK: Keep the Faith in the Blue – Badge of Honor – Featuring Robert Dempster

Performed by The Badges of Honor, a musical group made up of active and retired Detroit police officers and musicians, along with narration by RG Dempster, they have released a new Song/Video called Keep Your Faith in The Blue.

The song is a tribute to the honorable men and women who risk their lives every day to protect their communities, and it comes at a time when paid demonstrators across the nation are rioting/protesting the behavior of a few bad cops – while pushing their agenda to overthrow our American Government and defund the police.

Michael Saunders invited fellow Detroit musician RG Dempster to narrate the lyrics to better emphasize the true meaning and message of the song. “I couldn’t have been more honored to be asked to do this”, said Dempster, a Salem Detroit Radio Show Host best known as The Positive Patriot. “I’ve known a lot of police officers in my time and none of them are at all as they are being portrayed by the media today.”

Also featured on the song/video is Nationally-Respected Detroit’s Police Chief James Craig, who dedicates this song to all of America’s Law Enforcement Workers

Song/Video is to be shared

THE SONG: Keep your Faith in the Blue
WRITTEN BY: Michael Saunders
PERFORMED BY: Michael Saunders and The Badges of Honor
RECORDED AT: Studio 24–7 and Paul Morris,
VIDEO CREATED BY: Robert Dempster and Ray Templin.

For more information about this song and video-contact Robert Dempster at 248-398-9999.


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