MYLO – World’s First Virtual Lifeguard to Monitor Home Pool 24/7, Including Underwater, Now Available to Preorder

Patented Underwater Computer Detection Camera Detects Drowning/Sets Off Series of Alarms

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — According to the CDC, drowning is the top cause of unintentional death for children ages 1 to 4, and annually in America there are an estimated 3,960 fatal unintentional drownings, an average of 10 daily. Bringing a new level of safety to pools, Coral Smart Pool today introduced MYLO, the world’s first virtual lifeguard that monitors a pool 24/7, including underwater activity, to detect drowning and immediately sets off a series of escalating alarms. 

MYLO is available for pre-order for a special introductory price of $999 at The retail price is $1,499 and MYLO will ship April 2023.

MYLO video at: MYLO your Virtual LifeGuard – YouTube

More than a “water movement detection” system, MYLO features a patented Underwater Computer Detection Camera that provides real-time pool video. The system is integrated with the latest A.I. technology that monitors a pool and analyzes real-time video to quickly identify near-drowning events. MYLO is designed with escalating alarms and push notifications that are immediately sent when a drowning event is detected.

“MYLO is not a simple pool entry alarm! MYLO is the closest thing to having a real lifeguard supervising what’s happening inside and around your pool, 24/7 – alerting you to potential drowning activity,” said Shadie Bisharat, CEO of Coral Smart Pool. “A family pool can be a source of amazing fun and enjoyment, but it can also be dangerous.  Families can experience ultimate peace-of-mind knowing MYLO is always watching their pool.”

MYLO analyzes video above and below the pool’s surface for a comprehensive monitoring view, creating an unprecedented level of protection as a virtual lifeguard. MYLO features both an above-ground camera and pressure sensors to identify if a person is entering the pool and can calculate risks. A high-resolution underwater camera detects a sinking person and sends a series of alarms to pool owners to take action.

Other devices on the market can only identify an entry to the pool and this is simply not enough, as 90% of drowning happen with adult supervision and the pool is active. MYLO works 24/7 and after it notifies that somebody entered the pool, unlike all other pool warning devices, continues to monitor activity to identify danger or drowning incidents.

MYLO dispatches alarms through its app and in-home alarm systems along with pictures from the pool that allow others to take action. It offers three layers of protection sending entry alerts, pre-drowning risk alerts and drowning risk alerts. MYLO offers a new, important and unprecedented layer of safety, but does not replace adult supervision and does not replace any other means of protection required by law.

According to Coral Smart Pool, MYLO is the first use-case for “computer vision” in the pool. With Coral’s computer vision and AI technologies, the pool of the future will be safer, more intelligent and automated, similar to how computer vision enables self-driving cars. Coral’s computer vision technology will enable future pools to self-manage maintenance, cleaning and energy efficiency. 

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Coral Smart Pool, the creators of the MYLO virtual lifeguard, are pioneers of award-winning computer vision and machine learning technology for monitoring pool activity. The company is leading the way in developing intelligent, intuitive, consumer-friendly solutions for residential pools. Coral Smart Pool believes that AI and Computer Vision can transform the modern pool experience for good, making it safer, more relaxing, More Automated, more fun and more rewarding. More information:

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