Native American Indigenous and Tribal Communities’ Rights Organization Releases Open Letter to French Model Jeanne Cadieu

LOS ANGELES, March 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Native Americans Matter, an indigenous and tribal communities’ rights organization, announce their release last Friday of an Open Letter addressed to French model Jeanne Cadieu regarding what they feel is deeply disturbing behavior in offense to their culture. Calls for Cadieu to apologize erupted on social media last year in backlash and have been ongoing. As of this writing, Cadieu has made no attempt to acknowledge the uproar or show any contrition.

The outrage sparked approximately one year ago after video footage surfaced online showing Cadieu dancing at a music festival. A spokesperson for Native Americans Matter commented full rebuke of actions displayed on this video with grave condemnation, saying:

“We face an uphill battle in our fight for equality as indigenous tribes suffer from societal invisibility. We cannot allow the fostering of a new precedent to be set in the diminishment of our ethnicity that opens deep wounds rooted in generations of ancestry. We wrote this letter because had we allowed ourselves to be silenced in this matter, it would make us complicit in our own bonds of oppression. We hope as Native Americans merge with movements such as Black Lives Matter things will finally begin to change, and our people will be recognized as equal and valued members of American society rather than subjects of mockery, disdain, and trivialization. It is a new day where our culture must no longer be subject to derision, silencing, and cultural appropriation from anyone. Native Americans Matter too.”

The Open Letter is available for full read and review on the organization’s website together with additional documentation. For more on this visit the Native American Matters website at where the open letter penned to Jeanne Cadieu is also available for full review.

Native Americans Matter
James Callahan

SOURCE Native Americans Matter