Declares Rochester, NY the Most Neighborly City in America

Additional Data Shows How Communities are Coping with Inflation and the Upcoming Elections

LEHI, Utah, Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today,, the nationwide neighborhood storage company, revealed the rankings for its third annual “Most Neighborly Cities in America” on National Neighbor Day. Neighbor based its rankings on key data points, such as charitable donations, volunteering, happiness and other neighborly characteristics. 

Claiming the top honor as the “Most Neighborly City in America” is Rochester, NY. The Flower City moved up one spot by consistently ranking at the top for neighborly acts, volunteering, charitable giving, and happiness. 

“We love recognizing and celebrating ‘Neighborly Cities,’ especially during this polarizing election season. The need for connection is a fundamental human need and is the foundation of a functioning society,” said Founder and CEO of Neighbor, Joseph Woodbury. “So many societal problems can be tackled if we simply get to know our neighbors better and care more about them. One of the marvelous things about a community is that it enables us to connect with and help people in a way we couldn’t as individuals. At Neighbor, we’re bringing back the core of communities by creating opportunities for neighbors to interact with and serve each other.”

2022’s Ten Most Neighborly Cities in America

  1. Rochester, NY
  2. Madison, WI
  3. Provo, UT
  4. Oxnard, CA
  5. Grand Rapids, MI
  6. Raleigh, NC
  7. Milwaukee, WI
  8. Poughkeepsie, NY
  9. Harrisburg, PA
  10. Des Moines, IA

“What a bright spot to be ranked the number-one most neighborly city in America,” said Rochester Mayor Malik Evans. “Like many other cities across the country, Rochester has its share of struggles, but this recognition is a testament to our residents’ generosity, kindness, and volunteerism and reminds us that together, we make our city a great place to live.”  

In addition to revealing the Most Neighborly Cities, Neighbor surveyed 1,000 Americans to understand how current events and external factors like inflation and upcoming elections are impacting local communities. While we consume negative headlines on a daily basis and America is painted as a divided country, our results prove that hardships strengthen community ties. Here’s what your neighbors across the country say:

  • Proximity makes the heart grow fonder. Because of escalated prices at the pump and expensive plane tickets, nearly 30% of respondents say they hang out with their neighbors/local friends more because these inflated costs impact how far they travel to see others.
  • You’ve got a friend in me. After enduring a brutal 2+ years of pandemic conditions and a tumultuous economy, 42.5% of respondents are more willing than before to help a neighbor out and 41% are choosing to support small businesses over national chains.
  • Republicans, Democrats and Independents unite. Turns out, election years are not fueling a divide between political affiliations on a hyper-local level. Nearly half (44.6%) of respondents recognize their neighbors’ differing political affiliations and it does not affect their desire to be neighborly.
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