New $45 FREEDOM Light Bulb Saves Lives; 1st Responders Join Nationwide Push To “Be Found Fast.”

After 13 Years, and Two US Patents, A Truly Unique Emergency Bulb

TULSA, Okla., Sept. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Johnathan Harrison, Inventor of The Locator911 Emergency Bulb, was an on-call paramedic for 25 years, with many situations where he and his team couldn’t locate the final response address — missing street signs, mailbox clusters, extreme darkness or rain or snow, sprawling apartment complexes, even addresses which didn’t show properly in GPS devices – all leading to lost time, and higher risks for the 911 callers.

Harrison credits his new Locator 911 light bulb invention to many experiences, and one in particular you can watch here (90-sec.).

Fast forward from 2009 to now, after 13 years and peer reviews by Yale and Harvard, two unique US Patents, and tens of thousands of hours, Harrison’s vision of a “Be Found Fast” emergency bulb is finally real. The Locator911 Smart LED bulb replaces your existing front porch light or light most visible from the road. The bulb is used as normally until 911 services are needed. The bulbs are rated for 10-year life, 8 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Police, Fire and EMS groups in Tennessee, Connecticut and New York are now using the unique bulbs in their local fundraising efforts this fall, solving two common local problems at once: Making it easier to find local families in distress when their 911 is dispatched, and raising new funds. For more information, visit Use Code PRNW012.

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